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It’s been said that a man who doesn’t stand for something will fall for anything. It would be difficult to conceive of a better illustration of this truth than the leftist propaganda and fear-mongering about “climate change,” formerly known as global warming.

To review recent history, in the 1970’s, the environmental extremists’ cry was that the earth was cooling too quickly and we were headed for another Ice Age. When the actual global temperatures didn’t conform to that idea, they changed their approach and cried that the earth was warming too quickly and we were all going to burn up. Thus, global warming had to be stopped. But once again, the facts failed to support that theory, therefore, they now cry that all dramatic weather patterns are causing climate changes that result from man’s impact on the earth through the use of oil and gas as energy sources and that these energy sources must be eliminated.

In typical Democrat fashion, those who dispute their conclusions or refuse to fall in line with their agenda are labeled “Climate Change Deniers” and must be destroyed or marginalized. Our network media largely supports this big lie commonly called climate change. It’s fascinating to me that the politicians who most vociferously push policies to impose severe penalties on citizens for the stated purpose of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, usually drive SUVs or luxury cars and leave the largest “carbon footprints.”

Invariably, climate change advocates point to the shrinking ice packs at the north pole. They ignore the fact that the ice pack in Antarctica is simultaneously growing. Why? Because that would not be helpful to their cause. They will speak of temperature measurements of air and water as evidence that climate change is occurring at an alarming rate. But any research effort carried-out with a pre-existing motive will always result in a predictable outcome.

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Much of the data referenced by climate-change proponents is based upon measurements from temperature sensors that were placed on the roofs of buildings just feet away from the hot-air discharge of air conditioners and other locations where an inaccurate measurement of ambient temperature is certain to result. This is why double-blind studies are far more reliable and thus, required in drug trials.

Climate changes are normal and natural. It is at best erroneous, at worst deceptive, for meteorologists to report temperatures and levels of precipitation as above normal or below normal instead of above or below average. Nevertheless, they do this habitually. The age in which we now live is neither the warmest in history, nor the coldest. It is neither the most extreme nor the most violent. Therefore, the conclusion that man’s use of oil and gas is the cause of these changes is simply preposterous.

For the Christian, the conclusion proffered by the climate change cultists fails at an early level. The idea that a Loving Creator God would place man on this planet, tell him to “fill the earth and subdue it,” and give him the resources and the power to adversely affect his own survival as well as that of the entire earth, is absurd and untenable. Here we have another illustration of the fact that a biblical worldview is powerful and liberating¾it frees us from the tyranny of thought that results from the lies of depraved men who are bent on re-forming the world in a way that corrupts God’s plan and purpose.

Scratch the surface of the worldview held by any godless Democrat, and hypocrisy inevitably gushes-out like water from a ruptured fire-main. The very people who advocate radical policy changes to reverse climate change also hold tightly to the senseless fallacy of evolution through so-called natural selection. Their own claim that all of earth’s creatures exist as we now know them because they have adapted to changes in their environment, is starkly at odds with their extremist paranoia about a changing climate. If indeed, all creatures continually change as a result of adaptation, then climate change¾a perpetual fact of life on earth¾cannot be seen as adverse, logically-speaking. Of course, logic has no place in the godless Democrat mindset. In fact, it is antithetical to such a mind.

In summary, climate change makes no sense according to a biblical worldview, nor does it makes any sense according to a humanist worldview. It is not supportable by fact and cannot be taken seriously by any thinking person.

The real loser in political movements like the climate change scare is, ironically, science itself, or more specifically, the credibility of scientists who join the left or permit Democrat politicians to use them and their work to push their dangerous and costly radical agenda. A real scientist is nothing if he or she is not credible. This is why legitimate scientific data must be peer-reviewed and repeatable¾not based upon consensus. Consensus is a political construct that has no merit or meaning in science. Reliable data will stand or fall on it’s own worth. Unfortunately, political influence is exerted to silence dissent in all areas of our culture today, and scientific research is no exception.

For proof that political pressure influences scientific study, one need look no further than the American Psychological Association (APA) which, bowing to left-wing political pressure, removed homosexuality from the DSM, (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) reclassifying it as harmless. Today, even the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) is now being misused to misinform. It’s incessant claim that human-caused climate change is responsible for all violent acts of weather, is based upon unreliable data that is enforced through political pressure with the goal of coercion.

In the final analysis, either there is an authority higher than man or there is not. If there is, then it’s imperative that we learn and observe it. If there is not, then we condemn ourselves to be controlled by others whose true motivation is to rule over and dominate the masses. The most sinister kind of tyranny is, of course, the tyranny of thought. And that is the real goal of the political coercion employed by the American left.

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Timothy Buchanan
Timothy Buchanan is a US Navy veteran and the author of two published books, “The Threat from within: Denial of Truth” and “The Boobonic Plague.” He’s a former defense contractor, broadcast engineer, and he currently lives with his wife near the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.

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