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There are lots of moving parts in Washington DC that could all come together in an interesting confluence. These include the CR, the continuing resolution to continue the funding of our country so that it continues to operate. we hear about that all the time and it runs out and Congress has to continue to authorize more Continuing Resolution’s budgets. And if they don’t, then the government shuts down.

The other thing is the Iran agreement. that has to be voted by Congress as well. And the third thing is this Planned Parenthood vote that’s coming up about whether or not Congress should defund Planned Parenthood.

All of these three coming together right now in an interesting confluence.

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Mat Staver: Matt, one of the things that has to happen this month in September is a vote on the Continuing Resolution. Congress has to pass a Continuing Resolution to keep the government open. Now, we’ve seen this before where, in the Democratic controlled Senate there was discussion by people whether the Republicans should filibuster this, whether they should stop it. The Republicans didn’t want to be blamed for shutting down the country, so they continued to pass these continuing resolutions.

Now, the shoe’s on the other foot, so to speak, with regards to the Senate, where there’s a Republican controlled majority there. But there’s also this Iran vote. this agreement with regards to Iran. Now we hear that President Barack Obama has 41 senators. that’s enough to filibuster the Iran vote in the Senate.

And we also have the Planned Parenthood, and that is the defunding of Planned Parenthood. If it is a stand-alone bill, it’s just a show vote. People are just trying to count votes. It’s just political. It should not be, and there’s efforts to have it not be a stand-alone bill, but rather to have it as part of its funding, the Continuing Resolution. So it comes into the Continuing Resolution for funding.

So let’s unpack how this could work. The Iran vote agreement could come up first. and if Harry Reid uses those 41 senators, including himself, to filibuster the Iran vote, then what would happen? What would happen is that the president of the Senate would not put on the agenda the Continuing Resolution because the Democrats led by Harry Reid would be filibustering the Iran vote. That means they don’t ever get to the Continuing Resolution and then it’s the Democrats who are literally shutting down Congress.

On the other hand, if they put all that aside for a moment and you put the defunding of Planned Parenthood as part of the Continuing Resolution, then you’ll have to vote on the Continuing Resolution that would include the defunding of Planned Parenthood. and if that gets put into the Continuing Resolution and the Democrats oppose that, then what they will be doing is also shutting down the government.

Matt Barber: Yea…either way you slice it, Mat, whether in this case if it’s the Democrats that end up effectively shutting down the government, if they take that route. If this Planned Parenthood amendment or bill is included, if they shut down the government how do you think the media is going to portray it? They’ll portray it that the Republicans effectively shut down the government. It’s always going to be the Republicans, no matter what with the Mainstream Media…


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