The Michael Moore ‘endorsement’ of Trump

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Relying on his intellectual heft, and leaning heavily on Donald Trump’s alleged populist impulse, Michael Moore ‘endorsed’ Trump yesterday, calling Trump a champion of the working and middle classes. In his ‘analysis’ Moore cited Trump’s confrontation of the auto industry and his promise to charge car makers a 35% tax to sell foreign-made cars in the U.S.  Workers of the world unite behind Trump! Moore’s Marxist Meme. What a joke. Here’s why.

Moore called this tax plan evidence that Trump is unique, the first candidate to take on the establishment, the only one willing to fight for the common man. In the same breath, Moore undercut his argument saying it doesn’t matter if Trump actually follows through with his tax plan, the fact he said it was enough to make us feel good.

In all this nonsense, Moore reveals three pillars of Secular Progressivism: facts don’t matter, emotionalism and symbolism are central, and destroying America by any adolescent means is the real goal.

You see, the giant pre-teen, Michael Moore, does not endorse the other giant pre-teen, Donald Trump, because Moore thinks Trump will be good for America. No. Moore endorses Trump because he believes Trump will be more effective than Clinton in destroying America.  Or, he just enjoys stirring things up to see how far he can push it.

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Michael is nothing more than a rabble rouser, a serial liar.  His entire adolescent life has been devoted to dispensing anti-American propaganda.  His passion and motivation: irrational hatred for all things corporate and all things auto industry.  Moore is a communist, one willing to lie and manipulate people in order to destroy America to make way for central control.  He fancies himself a champion, but in reality, he simply nurses personal grudges and hate-driven emotionalism, sucking on those binky’s in a desperate attempt to pacify himself.

Therefore, every single thing Michael Moore says should be met with total skepticism, including this ‘endorsement.’ Let’s engage a little healthy skepticism, a little fact checking?

Is Trump unique, the first to confront the auto industry? Of course the answer is a resounding NO!  Ask Ralph Nader.   Ask Sen. Richard Shelby and others.  Sure politicians are bought and sold like used cars by the auto industry, yet many have fought the bailouts, the unsafe products, the deplorable working conditions and instances of exploitation.  Anyone ever hear of labor unions and others holding the industry accountable?   To listen to Michael Moore you’d think American car makers were satanic blood suckers across the board, but that’s all part of his game, tilting at windmills, and demonizing the opposition.

Will Trump as President immediately slap American car makers manufacturing in Mexico with a 35% import tariff? Well, sure, if you believe Trump keeps his promises, and if you believe he does not need Congress to make tax law, and if you think driving more jobs overseas somehow helps the little guy, and if you think destroying big companies helps create jobs and improve the economy.

Is Trump a populist? In other words, does he really care about the little guy, like the thousands of contractors and laborers he stiffed on various construction projects, leaving many destitute? Let the record speak for itself. The truth is Moore trying to make Trump a populist hero is a farce.

So why is Moore playing this game? First, it’s about his ego.  Whenever Moore needs money for a new jokeumentary, he puts on the act.  Whenever he is about to release a new crockumentary, he puts on the act.   And like many suffering from self-delusion, he actually believes the act.  For him, it’s not an act, it is truth!  His quest for relevance and his thirst for attention drive everything.

Does Moore really want Trump in the White House? Not on your life.  So what’s the game, other than self-aggrandizement?  Moore’s motivation is twofold: he endorses Trump to elbow Clinton to move farther Left, and he endorses Trump to punish Clinton a little for what she did to Bernie Sanders.

Keep in mind, Michael Moore endorsed Bernie Sanders enthusiastically.  When Clinton was nominated he endorsed her.  Now he endorses Trump? The only logical conclusion: Michael Moore is a walking schmuckumentary.  Remember, in Michael’s world, Chris Kyle was a coward, and Castro is a hero.  Say no more, say no Moore.

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