The Looming Threat of a Hillary Clinton Presidency Must Be Stopped

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I share voters’ revulsion with the choices.

But our nation is approaching another pivotal, historic moment like the Civil War, which ushered in national government to the detriment of states’ rights envisioned by the Founders, and like the rise of “progressivism,” which turned both political parties to a Marxist view that big government knows best, personal liberties and freedoms be damned.

In Hillary Clinton, a third great leap looms. She would dramatically advance big government and progressivism to extents unimagined. While doing it, she will rob, steal and otherwise appropriate what isn’t hers to reward herself and her cronies.

Joseph Stalin was evil to the core, as his expansion of godless communism and murder of millions of his own countrymen attest. But the United States sided with Stalin to defeat Adolph Hitler, who at the time posed a greater and more immediate threat.

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Christians are properly repulsed by Trump. But Trump is also our Stalin against the more immediate and consequently greater enemy, Hillary Clinton.

Just as the U.S. used an alliance with Stalin to defeat Hitler, then properly turned its animosity to Stalin, Christians should ally with Trump to defeat Clinton. Then, on the occasion of Trump’s first high crime or misdemeanor, we should turn our animosity to Trump and impeach and remove him. Are there any Christians who think Mike Pence wouldn’t be a major improvement over Clinton or Trump?

There still are enough Christians, or at least people who call themselves by that name, to decide this presidential election.

Ask yourself, is refusing to vote for Trump being true to Christian purity, or is it self-righteousness that enables evil to prevail? Like my brothers and sisters of the Reform faith, I wholeheartedly agree that God is sovereign over all, and His plan will prevail. Romans 8:28 is my life verse.

Only weeks ago I took the abstention position. The position hasn’t lost its moral authority just because I’ve changed my mind.

But if we think we are sending a message to political leaders by not voting, we fatally misunderstand politicians. Winners don’t care what losers’ views are. For them, it’s a zero-sum game.

Christians often sit on the sidelines as the culture has its way with us, expecting that God will make it all right. He will. In the end.

But for generations to come the added millions of babies Hillary’s Supreme Court will lead to the slaughter, the countless children who will be forcibly exposed to the sexual depravity she will enshrine, the unspeakable crime and graft that she will bring to the White House, make the short-term important. For my part, I think God expects me to resist these evils. I think He demands it.

Our system of government makes the people sovereign over civil affairs. It’s presumptuous to step aside and expect God to do for us what He’s given us to do.

The old story comes to mind of the man on the roof as flood waters rose. He complained to God for not saving him. God’s response was that He sent men in a boat, He sent a helicopter, but the stranded man kept waiting for something “miraculous” so he missed the opportunity to be rescued.

Consider Trump to be that helicopter pilot or oarsman in the boat. His personal morality is not necessarily a requirement for the task God has given him.

In our fallen real world, imperfect choices are our only options. We can go to prayer and hope God isn’t too ticked off because we missed that boat and helicopter. Or we can prayerfully do what He’s provided for us to do, and resist great evil.

While Trump may be the second worst presidential candidate ever, he is running against the worst ever.

A Hillary Clinton administration won’t be mistaken for doing godly work. She will use the vast power of the presidency (and as her predecessor, do much that isn’t constitutionally authorized) to dramatically increase the fundamental transformation Barack Obama has been delivering.

Christians should be bothered by that much more than they are bothered by Trump’s alleged sexual sins.

Neither candidate is qualified for the job. But Clinton is a proven liar, cheat and criminal on top of advocating sinful “progressivism” that would steal arbitrarily from some to make others dependent, dictate anti-Christian morality enforced mercilessly on everyone and expose the nation to an influx of Sharia-worshippers who take no prisoners, all the while personally enriching herself and her cronies at every opportunity.

If you think you can recall everything evil this woman has done, trust me. You don’t. Google “The Clinton Record” to review a nearly 11,000-word, blow by blow account of the devastation she has wrought.

When Trump has been criticized for his crudeness, he apologized. Review Clinton’s nearly three decades in the public eye and try to remember a single apology for the horrible things she’s done. Benghazi wasn’t an anomaly. It was Hillary in action: deadly duplicitous, then doubling down with lies and personal attacks against those who had the audacity to call her on her sins.

Imagine this 25-year track record rewarded with the most powerful position in the world. As they say, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

You may not believe Trump’s apology is sincere. But you can take Clinton at her word. She’s 100% behind all the bad things she promises.

When Trump’s positions clashed with Christian precepts, he modified them, and promised to defend the sanctity of life and the right to religious expression. He promised to defend churches from secular attack. You may not believe him. But Hillary’s positions on those issues are at odds with Christian precepts. You can believe her.

You may doubt Trump’s sincerity. He could be lying. Don’t doubt Clinton. She means it.

The bottom line, in this fallen world, is that the bad and perhaps insincere Trump can be impeached. Both parties will be delighted to be rid of him. Hillary Clinton can’t and won’t be impeached.

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Mark Landsbaum
Mark Landsbaum is a Christian husband, father, grandfather and journalist who has written for a living for 43 years, ever since discovering he had no particular talents. He can be found on Facebook, Linkedin, and in the archives of the Orange County Register where he wrote another column for 10 years. He can be reached at

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