The LGBT Wall of Hate is Coming Down: Bermuda Overturns Gay Marriage

The liberal media sites are really starting to get triggered. After the 2015 United Supreme Court Decision on gay marriage, most pro-family advocates feared the worst. The highest court in the land fundamentally altered the fundamental institution of our culture. The liberal press, academia, and entertainment industries were convinced of their consummate LGBT victory.

But this agenda is destructive.

Without Dads and Moms, without family, the whole civil order of our nation, of any nation disintegrates. The values, the ideas, the cultural norms which hold a country together erode until there is nothing left but raw power and a war of all against all.

Don’t believe me?

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Read the histories of ancient Greco-Roman historian Polybius. When rampant homosexuality and other forms of license were permitted without check in those city-states, children were born to broken or non-existent families. Poverty increased, since single mothers have far less economic wealth than a two-parent home. Children without fathers turned to marauding gangs and terrorized neighborhoods. Eventually the Greek cities imploded and disappeared.

Families matter, marriage matters, and gay marriage is an onslaught on God’s natural order and His goodness. It’s also a stunning, devastating attack on our children and the future of any country.

Now the good news.

In the little island nation of Bermuda, which exists as part of the British Commonwealth, the country’s legislature and Governor took the extraordinary steps of overruling their own Supreme Court.

They struck down gay marriage!

They repealed it, as the perverse agenda had been imposed by judicial activist fiat.

National Public Radio reports:

Less than a year after legalizing same-sex marriage, Bermuda is reversing course, implementing a law that says same-sex couples can enter domestic partnerships but not marry.

The British territory is believed to be the first jurisdiction in the world to reverse course on same-sex marriage after permitting it, The Guardian writes.

In May 2017, Bermuda’s Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. Within months, the island’s legislature passed a bill overturning that court decision, which was signed into law on Wednesday.

The Guardian is unabashedly center-left. Anyone can predict that they were going to throw a hysterical, heretical fit over this development.

Here’s part of their account:

Walton Brown, Bermuda’s minister of home affairs, said the legislation signed by Governor John Rankin would balance opposition to same-sex marriage on the socially conservative island while complying with European court rulings that ensure recognition and protection for same-sex couples in the territory.

Am I happy with the country’s accommodation of a secular European standard on equality? No. I am pleased, however, that a nation-state was not afraid to reject a corrupt redefinition of marriage, something which should have never happened, and certainly not through the arbitrary determination of a court.

Bermuda’s Senate and House of Assembly passed the legislation by wide margins in December and a majority of voters opposed same-sex marriage in a referendum.

Both parties found common ground on defending family.

“The act is intended to strike a fair balance between two currently irreconcilable groups in Bermuda, by restating that marriage must be between a male and a female while at the same time recognizing and protecting the rights of same-sex couples,” said Brown, whose ruling Progressive Labour party proposed the repeal.

What’s really striking about this political outcome, though, is that the Progressive Labour Party is considered the center-left political force in the country, and yet they embrace social conservatism and led the fight to repeal gay marriage.

This development is really something. The country actually repealed gay marriage! It can be done.

Another Caribbean newspaper reported other key details about this repeal:

The approval was welcomed by Brown, who said this British Overseas Territory would “continue to live up to its well-earned reputation as a friendly and welcoming place”.

Nations should fight to show that they embrace God’s natural order and welcome His grand design for life, marriage, and family.

The bill was debated by the House of Commons in London last month when Labour MP Chris Bryant, a former Overseas Territories Minister who is openly gay, called on Bermuda Premier David Burt and Brown to withdraw the legislation banning same-sex marriages in Bermuda.

Despite pressure from London politicians, the Bermuda government went through with the repeal. This is also good news, indicated that an attempt to force the LGBT agenda into every facet of private life is starting to lose steam. Perhaps the rising tide of Islamic extremism and moral decline in the British Commonwealth has refocused political priorities. How about the growing underclass of children struggling to survive and thrive in their own country?

Bryant, who admitted that he had been told to “butt out” in some of the messages he had received, told the Commons that there had been eight same-sex marriages in Bermuda and a further four banns published.

I liken this movement to the first break in the gay marriage evil empire, much like the cracks in the Berlin Wall when Germans on both sides of the artificial divide realized that the communist Soviet Union was collapsing, and there was nothing that the violent Soviet Politburu could do about it.

I can’t wait to see more countries reverse course.

Homosexuals may agitate for some kind of recognize for their their artificial couplings, but they can never call their perversion “marriage”. This is a small step towards victory, though, since more average citizens need to be informed about the deleterious consequences of homosexual behavior and the dissolution of marriage. The population bust, the proliferation of venereal diseases, the emotional and mental problems for younger generations who do not have stable homes: all of these issues must be brought out for the public to know.

For now, let’s rest in the knowledge that one country stood up to its own supreme court and reversed the destructive, regressive redefinition of marriage!

Will other countries follow suit and stand up to the globalist Big LGBT Hate Machine? Let’s hope so.

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Arthur Schaper
Arthur Schaper is a blogger, writer, and commentator on topics both timeless and timely; political, cultural, and eternal. A life-long Southern California resident, Arthur currently lives in Torrance. Follow his blogs at The State of the Union and As He Is, So Are We Ministries.

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