The Last of Obama and The Unity Needed For New Life in the US

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I think at about this point, the wrongly titled “Commander and Chief” of the USA has been exposed like a ‘streaker’ mid canvass at Madison Square Gardens. Everything about this Barak “Hussein” Obama (heavy on the Hussein) has been revealed to us through many, many sources (credible and not). There really isn’t anything we can say about him more to further our points that he is not a player, but a member of the “Islamic Cheer Squad” (pig-tails, pom-poms and burkas).

To continue to flog this dead horse any further, is rather redundant and boring to many of us.

This is not to say that he won’t try something further destructive to this country before he leaves office (in order to really tattoo us with his authoritarian reign). As if we’ll have a hard time remembering the president who unanimously stole the title of “Worst American President Ever” from Jimmy Carter.

So in my last rant about Obama, let us sum his character in either of these two evil identities:

  1. Honoring Islam in the name of his father to the point of selling this country to the Caliphate. Remember, in his biography on pages 260-261 he hinted that if the ‘brown stuff hits the fan’ he will side with the Muslims.
  2. Being a Muslim himself, under the Islamic ideology of jihad and therefore able to sin openly in order to appear as assimilated into the local culture [Taqiyya (Shia) or Muda’rat (Sunni)]. Hence he declared that he is a Christian, not a Muslim.

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Either of the two will do as much damage and has an end goal of world domination. And can we really not say he is a Muslim as he honors his father’s faith above everything reasonable? Sounds like a path making it’s way to Mecca if you ask me.

I worked with a guy once who declared himself a non practicing Muslim, yet would fly off on anti-Jesus tangents (periodically apologizing to me) once in a while. He would not go a country-block within the distance of a hot-dog cart.

I recall being at the company’s year-end celebration (we worked big hours). As a non-practicing Muslim, he found himself at the other end of the Beer Bottle that day. About a half an hour and a half into the event, there was “Nick” at the back of the room, cussing violently to himself as he picked the artificial bacon bits out of his Caesar Salad. Ironic, but nonetheless, the respect for his practicing father’s religion was ingrained into him.  You knew that eventually ol’ Nicky would start visiting the Mosque on a more regular basis.

If Obama were not a practicing Muslim in Taqiyya, it’d be probably just a matter of time before he was.

One question to ask is, Can we call Obama a Muslim even if he doesn’t think he is one? This may sound like a ridiculous question to those standing to the left of the water cooler, but I was taught, “If it looks like a duck , quacks like a duck; hangs out with other ducks and walks like a duck: it’s a duck!”

In Obama we find someone, who like Dr Michael Brown declares: is a Muslim apologist and someone who reveres Islam.

Let’s face it, Obama has done more to spread Islam in the western world than 99.999% of even the most dedicated of Muslim extremists.

His actions have been anti-Christian and pro Islam every turn of the ship.

He has imported mainly Syrian Muslim refugees, while turning away Christian Syrian refugees.

The southern border shared with Mexico has all but been obliterated.

With a toothy smile, and a cheeky grin he has opposed Netanyahu defending Israel against murderous terrorists. Apparently all Israelis should lie down in the middle of the road for Palestinians to run over them with tanks. Even then those pesky Jews better lay straight!

His council inside the Whitehouse consists of members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

He refuses to call Islamic acts of terror as “Islamic acts of terror”.

And, just what are these FEMA camps. They have gotten enough publicity now that if they really aren’t the suspected detention centers that they are identical to and really are for natural disaster scenarios, why not dispel the rumors by doing an open tour of them? Judging by Obama’s unwillingness to tell the truth, we are only able to operate under suspicion of such camps that are structurally encircled by numerous fences and rolls of barbed and razor wires. Barry please tell me you’re not planning to declare martial law and take a third term by force (admitting the dissidents into these “Natural Disaster Relief camps”?!).

Could we not go on and on?

Honestly, whether willing to admit it or not, whether unwarily in his subconscious, or not, Obama is through and through a radical Muslim.

He may not want to admit it (whether because he is acting out Taqiyya or he truly doesn’t think he is a Muslim), but this kind of fruit does not come from a Christian tree!

He may be like an alcoholic not willing to admit to his alcoholism.

“I’m not an alcoholic; I just like to finish a six-pack before breakfast like all good sober folks.”

It’ll be interesting to see with whom he shares the water pipe with once he’s out of office.

One horrid question that can be asked concerning Czar Obama’s time is just how much of the ‘Obamicide’ can be undone, once he is gone? What can be reworked, what can be erased, or successfully extinguished? It’s scary to think of what Obama has had zero shame in doing, or announcing, right before the scrutinizing eye of the public. This begs the question ,what has gone on in private?!

He has made deals with countries that make the daily oath of “Death to America!” with their morning coffee. What other deals has he promised before he leaves office? We must be prepared.

Eyes to the future people!

Like I said, Obama is completely exposed and yet people still don’t get it (or don’t want to). We’ve said everything we can say, brought as much proof to the table as we can and people still refuse to admit the desecration that his time in office has brought.

We really can’t do any more.

So it is to the future we must cast our glances now, although we need to keep an eye on Barry Hussein, it’s the up-and-coming trolls we must guard against.

So far, there are three Democratic candidates: Hillary Clinton, Barrie Sanders and Martin O’Maley.


Hillary “Ram-em” Clinton

We find ourselves with another serious threat to the sovereignty of the good ol’ US of A: Bill Clinton’s wife.

I still get cross-eyed looks when I warn locals about the perils of voting in someone like Hilary Clinton. They are willing to believe any such dirt dished on guys such as Trump or Carson, but somehow shove cucumbers in their auditory canals when someone slags their precious Hilary. Apparently she’s a good lady, especially the way she honors her marital commitment to old Billy-boy (even after Monika…and Gennifer…and….and…).

But Hilary, who also champions the same ethos of the satanic bible (“Do what thou wilt”), actually rides on the laurels of her morally corrupt ex-president husband, who really only barely squeaked out a fiscally positive reign.

Let’s be honest, who is Hilary besides Bill’s wife (at least on paper and in between groupies/rape victims)?  She is where she is because of her husband and for no other reason whatsoever. She has stuck with Bill for the benefits of a future political career.

Everything she says is riddled with lies. And so what would you expect from a woman who in her previous law career got King-pin drug dealers out of jail time?

The truth is that Hilary should be sitting in the Martha Stewart block at the Federal Prison Camp in Alderson. No normal “Sue” can pull the sort of shenanigans she has and not become someone’s prison bride (“Benghazi”, Email scandal, etc).

Because we know the news outlets are being manipulated to champion her, we need to call out her cronies on every piece of twisted propaganda they produce. We’ve already seen that CNN has partnered with Hilary on ‘tarring’ republican Rand Paul.

We’ve seen CNN’s twisted media against Trump

we know, without a doubt, Hilary has a megaphone to America.

Bernie Sanders (AKA: Eleven Herbs and Spices)

Although making huge attempts at winning the black youth, “Colonial Sanders” just doesn’t have it. I’m going to guess it has more to do with his personal image than his Obama-esque policies and love for socialism. He looks like one who could be the third member of the old hecklers in the balcony of the Muppets show, kind of ragged and moth-eaten.  And because “…the crowd is fickle…” (Gladiator) something as stupid can make or break you.

Nonetheless, although guys like The Colonial won’t ever sit in the Oval Office, they can cause havoc by vote stealing from the confused. Hopefully for us, those stolen votes will come out of Hillary’s pocket rather than Cruz, Trump or Carson’s. But judging by the unwillingness of the public to become politically educated, Bernie very well could twist the reasoning of the lower functioning brains in society.

Let’s make sure we let people know that his place is in the balcony.

Martin O’Maley

Who???  (Ok, maybe not every Dem is a threat).

So as we see, it is Hillary we really need to watch.

We Could Defeat Ourselves

Another danger sits right out in front.

With the horrible governance the US has suffered under Obama, it seems that republicans have really wanted to get their hands dirty and get rid of this cancer. What this has led to is a lot of conservatives wanting to pull this country back together. The bad news is that there are fourteen republicans running for President as it sits right now.

Obviously, some will drop out of the race, and there are really only three true front-runners at the moment: Trump, Cruz and Carson. But fourteen republican candidates all gunning for your vote is like throwing Kim Jong Il into a pit of hungry dogs; a piece of him will go everywhere!

Most of these guys and gals need to hang up the gloves for now (early) and think of unifying the GOP in order to do the most important thing, which of course is, get the Dems out of office. It’s time to pick a leading candidate, someone who really stands a chance, someone who shows good in the polls and get loud about them!

Important to be The UNITED States

Let’s consider unity at this very crucial time in US history.

There really is not another chance to get this nation on track again. Trump claims that this is the most important election in US history. He’s right. Hillary will just finish the job that Obama started, and let’s be frank, the Stars and Stripes is barely limping along right now. Focus on the big issues that will get the US healthy again; let the little things fall to the side. Almost all the republican candidates agree on the biggies (almost). With the Hilary threat, it’ll take a lot of deprogramming the fence sitters early on. So let’s choose a powerhouse who can win, rather than an underdog who maybe shares your taste on coffee brands.

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Barb Wire.

JG Smoothy is a musician and the writer of UNDERSTANDING THIS JESUS THING. He has one wonderful wife and three crazy children. JG is a pastor in Southern Alberta Canada and is in the middle of yet another book writing project.
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