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We’re talking about this collision that everyone is going to confront at different levels. Kim Davis, the Rowan County clerk was at one level, very dramatic level, and that case is still going on. Liberty Counsel is still representing her and others like her. Not just clerks who issue licenses or those particular areas of jobs, but all over the country in other areas.

And it may be that you don’t deal with weddings. Or it may be that you don’t deal with marriage licenses and think, well this is fine. I won’t have to make this decision. But everyone is going to have to make this decision because it’s going to affect you in one way or another.

Mat Staver: In one particular case, Sweet Cakes, that was a case where Christian bakers in oregon ultimately were fined $135K, and the person who imposed the fine is an LGBT activist. And he was part of the government and he imposed this $135K fine. Melissa is the one who does the cakes, the bakery, and her husband. And I remember seeing her at an event and she was describing before the $135K fine came down how in this role she uses her artistic talents to decorate cakes.

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And how she loves her job because she can put herself into it like an artist and make someone’s event memorable and enjoyable. But, she also felt that God had called her to use her talents in this area. So this is a ministry, something of what she is and how she extends her ministry.

And she was at that time facing the issue of whether or not she was going to be fined…she was in tears that she even had to be brought to this particular situation. She’s not an activist. She’s not out there trying to cause controversy. she’s just baking cakes and other kinds of pastries. And she’s then asked to violate her conscience and that’s something she cannot do.

Roger Gannam: Hey that’s right. And it’s really a sad story because even before the $135K fine, she was driven out of business. She simply could not keep her store open any longer because of the hateful messages and people driving by. And so she was really driven to operate whatever business she could from her home.

But this crushing fine, it represents the worst of judicial decisions because it’s not based on really any legally recognizable categories of damages. It’s simply intended to be punishment…

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