The Impeachment of Donald Trump By The Coward Robert Mueller

A revisionist Western was released in 2007 – The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford – that portrayed the relationship between Jesse James and a ne’er do well named Robert Ford.

James, of course, was famous worldwide as an outlaw, a bank robber, and a train robber. Ford was a nobody, a fringe member of the James gang. When a reward of $10,000 was posted for James, dead or alive, Robert Ford shot him in the back of the head while James was rearranging a picture on the wall. (He only got $500 for his trouble.)

Ford then went on a national tour where he and his brother reenacted the assassination of James until it dawned on people that this spineless coward shot James in the back. That was the end of the national tour, and Ford himself died in ignominy, shot to death in a bar.

We are watching an attempted political assassination play out before our very eyes, pushed and promoted by a bad guy firing political bullets at the president’s back and then disappearing.

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What is utterly and shamelessly transparent in the wake of Bob Mueller’s nine-minute press conference this week is that it was not about the rule of law or justice or any such thing. It was about one thing: completing the coup d’etat against Donald Trump started by President Obama’s minions in the DOJ and the FBI. Mueller said, basically:

“I would have indicted Trump and removed him from office if I could (the stupid DOJ guidelines wouldn’t let me), and besides which, I didn’t have any evidence. So, Congress, it’s up to you guys, also without any evidence, to impeach him and remove him from office.”

Mueller could see that the impeachment frenzy was beginning to cool, so he drove his Tesla up on the podium and set it on fire to get people’s attention and focus it on where he thinks it needs to be – removing the miscreant Trump from office.

Mueller could have announced his resignation in a letter and left quietly. But no. Like a true coward, he deliberately picked a time when his immediate boss (Bill Barr) was in Alaska and the president was halfway round the world. It worked.

The impeachment flame has flared up again and is burning at high heat. Even Judge Napolitano, still fuming over being passed over for the Supreme Court by the president, is getting even with him by siding with his accusers.

Meanwhile, Mueller detonated his IED and then slunk out of town to St. Kitts or some place having burned through $35 million of your tax dollars and mine to come up with nothing. He starts the fire and then scurries off to a rathole somewhere where nobody can find him and talk to him.

That Mueller is bent is beyond dispute. DOJ guidelines for the special prosecutor are clear: you either indict a subject or say nothing. These guidelines are designed to preserve the “innocent til proven guilty” status of everyone in the investigation, even presidents of the United States. Special prosecutors are not allowed to include “derogatory” information about any subject in their report if they are not going to indict him.

But volume II of Mueller’s report is nothing but inferences and implications designed to cast a thundercloud of suspicion over a sitting president. Mueller made it clear that he would have indicted the president if he could, but he could not. The evidence was simply not there.

There is another ulterior motive at play here. The president’s enemies and their conspiratorial cabal are desperate to distract the American people and keep their attention focused on Trump, and not on the attempted coup. They know if the public’s attention centers on them they are toast.

Jesse James’ tombstone reads (emphasis mine):

“Jesse W. James, Died April 3, 1882, Aged 34 years, 6 months, 28 days, Murdered by a traitor and a coward whose name is not worthy to appear here.

When the epitaph of this entire sordid affair is written, whether Trump is impeached or not, Robert Mueller will have a line on it all to himself. He will be for the rest of history associated with other traitors and cowards whose names are not worthy to be spoken in public.

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