The Hypnotizing of Our Young Voters

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“All these silly voters.” (me)
One of the most frustrating things for us who want to see America back in its right clothes, is having to watch young people get sucked in by a group of rich clinically narcissistic jerks to vote for the absolute worst candidates on the face of planet earth. I used to wonder, how could Hillary stay married to Bill when he’s such a creep?

Then came Benghazi.

No more questions arose.

Like I’ve said before, the rich that make their cash by public opinion — movie stars, fashionistas, musicians, social media “flash-in-the-pans” — can afford to vote via their emotions and addictions. If they start losing their cash and fame, all they need to do is release another “accidental” sex-tape to keep the slime down at TMZ printing their pics.

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Their time is short. And before the authorities find them face down with a dead miniature horse, a bottle of JD and an empty bottle of Zanex in the alley out back of the porn shop, they want to leave us with anything that’ll keep us repeating their name. This includes betraying our young into voting for husks of humans. Is not the root word of infamy, “famous”?

Honestly, this is nothing but a mix of self-love, self hate and home brewed stupidity. Yet they own the channels and the airwaves, but only because our youth have been brainwashed by way of the mainstream media and the entertainment industry.
Empty sausage casings such as these sway the popular vote by way of tickling-the-fancy of those whose brains are nothing more than the last raisin in the jar. Their hollow skull caverns are a result of a steady inhaling of genetically modified puddings, MTV narcissists and liberal pencil-neck news anchors.

Young Is A Frame Of Mind?

The age of kids moving out has changed so drastically that without a doubt, the new 20 is 40. “Kids” (I use the term loosely), who are programmed to want it all, and for some reason (not even they can intelligently defend why) they deserve it all.

So, “Mom and Dad, yes I’m 37, but I’m moving back in. I need a new Xbox 1 and can’t afford it if I have to pay that stupid rent ticket. So please stock up on the Cheese-wiz and Doritos.”

They’re back at home for numerous reasons (only the odd one out of legitimate necessity, especially the way the economy has turned under the ‘Obomination Ad-menstration’).

But while single and back living with Ma and Pa (who will gladly take their ‘Xbox-less’ baby back in), none of this economy crap affects them. So when it comes to voting, they find themselves most times voting parallel to their favorite pop star, who likewise, is used to maneuvering through life not driven by their brain, but rather with their pelvic region.

Thus, popular media seduces our young voters to vote for The Now, “Vote the way you feel” (“Follow your heart!”), and certainly don’t vote for anyone who shares values with your old crusty Mom and Pop (they might implement a rule about making your bed or something).

Dirty Politics Of The Left

The left always makes an attempt at shaming and ‘back-woodsifying’ (probably not a word Webster recognizes) the conservative. They present a picture of us as backwards, probably sitting on a porch somewhere in the swamp with straw in our teeth, a moonshine jug in one hand and a possum pelt in the other.

Those itchy suit wearing, geeks sitting behind the desks at CNN or MSNBC, CBS or ABC: the aura they present Democratic shysters is in an almost angelic light; breaking through the clouds of oppression, dispelling the backwards thinking of the Conservatives and willfully denying a God designed universe; all while sporting a trickle of cruor from the corner of their mouths. There is blood on their hands that may wash off today, but believe-you-me, the judgment seat will reveal the crimson stains deep beneath the first layer of skin soon enough. Nothing stay hidden forever folks.

Christian Conservatism Has Meant Progress

And yet it is Christian conservative action that has progressed this nation for the duration of its existence. We are not without scandal or bad apples, but for the most part we have been there to push the train back on the tracks when the liberal terrorists dismantle the rails underneath the moving engine.

We think long term, not short term, which kind of makes us, well, sort of unselfish at times.

We realize that the building blocks of society are strong families and that strong heterosexual marriages are the building blocks of the family.

We are unwilling to concede that marriage is just a municipal license.

It’s a spiritual thing between one man, one woman, and God Almighty. It’s His institution, not man’s and just because a tiny, tiny group of those who have exchanged natural affections for unnatural affections (one to two percent of the total population in the US, max) and now find the government passing them a license and social benefits for their sodomy. This does not mean that God’s institution is made out of clay and therefore to be made into something different at Man’s will. Modified marriage ends up looking like a pair of Richard Simmons’ short shorts. (Sorry to have to devastate you with that image).
Go get your own thing; leave our marriage alone!

And of course, God is the Master Builder of the whole darn gazebo!

Evil Spirit Behind This

Usually I’d end by giving some suggestions on how we can reprogram our youth as they are obviously riddled with spiritual viruses. The fact that 40 is the new 20, makes the crowd of liberally-infected much larger and much more crucial to reach. In fact out of the 330 million people stuffed into the US pie, 113 million make up the ages 18-40 years of age. Yes, that’s a big chunk.

Now wrap your head around the fact that they are probably the most liberal group ever to live on American ‘Terra Firma.” Of course, this is as a direct result of the mass appeal to their emotions by a far left mainstream media and a ruthless, conscienceless entertainment industry.

But it is obvious that something this devious will not be defeated unless we find ourselves on our knees in repentance and supplication.

Repentance, because somewhere along the line, out of apathy more than anything, we let that devil in the White House… twice! Considering how much money Barry’s Administration has backed abortion, think of how many babies have died because of our apathy in the last decade. Obama even brought abortion funds to foreign shores! Perhaps this is part of the reason he takes the genocide of Christians in the Middle East so nonchalantly; himself also being the orchestrator of mass murder.
It’s only prayer that will open the eyes of our young.

Our battle is not against flesh and blood; it is against demonic rulers who have set up shop in the hearts of the American “younger” people.

We are fighting evil folks.

Sit back and listen to the youth of America declare whom they are voting for and why. More often than not, it’ll send shivers down your spine and prompt you, with one hand, to rip chunks of hair off your dome while simultaneously firing the remote at the Samsung with the other hand, yelling:

“No! No! No! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!!!!!”
A Long Way From Home Free

I know as we count down the days to the election, some of us think that with so many capable and committed GOP candidates, that it’s in the bag, finally out from Czar Obama’s limp wristed rule! But we are far from out of the tunnel yet folks. This demonic presence will not go down without a fight and the only true weapon we have is prayer and repentance.

Yes, be political.

Yes boycott far left liberal entertainers and news outlets.

Yes, speak out.

Yes, support our troops.

No, don’t make prayer and repentance your last options, make it your first.

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JG Smoothy
JG Smoothy is a musician and the writer of UNDERSTANDING THIS JESUS THING. He has one wonderful wife and three crazy children. JG is a pastor in Southern Alberta Canada and is in the middle of yet another book writing project.

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