The Hound of Heaven

With all due respect and compassion to women who could not or chose not to have children, I can’t think of anything more feminine than motherhood. Admittedly, the pill and on-demand abortion, along with the sentiment that having children is a burden, not a blessing, fomented a paradigm shift in our country, making me an obvious outlier.

In this day and age of fluid sexual identities coupled with the remnant confusion and delusions associated with the radical feminist movement, the ability and commitment to live in denial of biological destiny is nonetheless at a fever pitch. However, demography is still destiny, and biology remains immutable, no matter how many babies are suctioned out of the womb, or body parts are cut off or added to conform with one’s perceived gender identity.

In view of the impetus to eliminate federal funding for Planned Parenthood, we can expect radical feminists to pull out all the stops. They will manipulate, exploit and magnify the problems stemming from this organization’s business model as if the indictment against the organization is an indictment against women in general.

In other words, the question of whether taxpayer money should be used to prop up Planned Parenthood will be presented as a de facto referendum on a woman’s right to choose. But, the real story is no reflection on a woman’s right to choose. It has to do with the “success” of the morning-after pill, which has served to reduce the number of clinical abortions in America. This explains why Planned Parenthood’s business model is failing, as abortion is Planned Parenthood’s biggest cash cow.

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We are supposed to believe that Planned Parenthood must be funded, as it is the one organization that stands between a poor woman and a back-alley abortionist and his coat hanger. However, in addition to the morning-after pill, then came the story of the butcher of Philadelphia, Dr. Gosnell, followed up by the expose of Planned Parenthood’s latest money maker — black market baby parts. In response to the resultant backlash against the industry, die-hard abortion apologists have stubbornly failed to make amends, deciding instead to double down.

Whereas, it was once politically correct to say that nobody favors abortion except to preserve the well-being of the mother. Well, those days are gone. We now have completely reprehensible people, e.g., Amelia Bonow, touting abortion as a happy experience, not a necessary evil, but a positive component of society. Accordingly, Ms. Bonow will be the guest speaker at an event celebrating Roe v. Wade hosted by the Santa Barbara Pro-Choice Coalition.

The event is aptly titled “Shout Your Abortion,” an indication that having an abortion is now touted as a proud moment in the life of a woman.

Personally, I believe the people supporting and participating in this event are suffering from nothing less than a seared conscience. To escape personal moral conviction, they have cauterized their own conscience, overcompensating themselves in the process of denial by way of celebrating that which is nothing less than soul-wrenching, dark and grievous.

Instead, how about shouting the numerous, statistically profound, international studies which demonstrate that abortion is not a healthy choice for the mother, let alone her dead baby? The studies reveal suicide rates of women who have had abortions are significantly higher than those giving birth, conscience being the hound of heaven that it is.

Then there is black megastar Nick Cannon correctly observing Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, was a eugenics-based racist and that the organization purposely fomented nothing less than black genocide in America. Let’s shout that.

First published at the Santa Barbara News-Press

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