The Handicapped & Treasonous Left

Leftists are handicapped understanding the illegal immigration problem. Many of them have never talked to a naturalized Hispanic citizen who opposes mass migration, illegal immigration and amnesty.

I grew up working on farms and ranches with men from Mexico. They sent their money home and visited family once a year.  They lived difficult lives. Many became citizens. I know many Hispanic people who agree the U.S. should maintain strict border security.

They know that many migrants are not refugees, but operatives, or criminals, or terrorists.  They also know many people coming here to apply for citizenship are not interested in becoming Americans.

The Left totally disregards the millions of Hispanic, Asian and Black citizens who agree we need border security, effective immigration policy, and enforcement.

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These citizens join us in opposing birthright citizenship, chain immigration, amnesty and sanctuary cities.  The media NEVER report the opinions of these informed citizens.

Meanwhile, masses of people simply believe the lie that the Left cares about these migrants and Republicans do not.  In fact, the reverse is true.  Republicans want an orderly, lawful system of immigration and a fair process to help asylum seekers.

The Left pushes illegality on every front and exploits illegals to win elections and grab power, all to destroy our Republic and the liberty it secures, all in the name of “fundamental transformation,” i.e., installation of communism.  “Social Justice” is just a new and sanitized term for ‘communist revolution.’

[Editor’s Note] – I have close friends who are legal immigrants. They came to the United States from South Africa where whites were being targeted, attacked, raped and killed by blacks. When the parents finally received permission to immigrate to the US, due some kind of mistake, their teenage daughter was not approved to immigrate and was forced to remain in South Africa.

At the time and where they lived, it was very dangerous for young white women and they feared for their daughter, with having to leave her behind with relatives. It took several more years of using legal channels to finally bring their daughter to the US.

They could have tried to use illegal means to bring her to the US, but respected the laws and chose to do everything legal. Besides, as Christians, they were not going to disobey US immigration laws.

It took this family years and lots of money to come to the US legally. They have very strong feelings against illegal aliens. They had just as good of a reason to use illegal means to come to the US, but they didn’t and don’t’ agree with anyone else coming here illegally either

They agree with President Trump in building the border wall, increasing border security and stopping all of the migrant caravans from entering the US.

As legal immigrants who fled violence, crime and corruption, they believe that the caravan refugees should still have to use legal means to immigrate to the US like they did. They didn’t claim asylum even though they could have.

My freinds also beleive that Demcorats want illegal aliens be allowed in the US NOT for the benefit of the aliens but as potential voters and nothing more.

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