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Is anyone else out there worried about what is going on in the Syrian Refugee crisis?

For ages now, we have listened to reports and seen the pictures of barbaric executions and rapes exacted on a Christian and Yazidi population by the freaks of the middle East: ISIS.

As I perused news sites and humanitarian pages, images of children in absolute disarray, distraught, dirty, bloody with tear stained faces, I have fought back the tears regularly, especially when imagining one of my little angels having to go through but a touch of their agony. Heck a seasonal flu is enough to set me on edge with my beauties.

It seems that what should be a simple seek and destroy mission of these ISIS animals, by countries that possess the most capable of arsenals, has turned into a red-tape ball that not even the company clerk is willing to hack away at.

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Christians Denied Entry

And after individual plights that would make the most gripping screen plays of survival and determination, thousands of Syrian Christians make their way to the US and are then turned away because of lack of proper paperwork! Is this the same nation that has granted illegal Mexicans official rights?

To add to this, Mainstream Media was nearly silent on the Syrian Christian’s turning away, and yet now there is massive coverage on these Syrian Muslims making their way through Europe. Thank you very much anti-Christian Far Left Media!

Some Bad-Eggs

Now, we see hoards of Syrian Muslims (apparently the non-extremists) making their way to places such as Greece, Hungary and Germany. Problem is, many don’t exactly look like they are in rough shape and supposedly they aren’t too appreciative of what these European Countries are doing and risking by bringing them in. And I think the word “risking” is the hot-button here.

Reports of mobs of Syrian Muslims attacking local Europeans and leaving places in almost “landfill-like” conditions abound. There are multiple reports of crowds even throwing feces at town residents and buses. There are some reports of refugees that also are reported to be screaming hostile victory chants of “Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar!” as well as other phrases including four-letter words.

Three Fears

Can I tell you what I fear (besides clowns and time share salesmen)?

First, I fear we might miss the opportunity to help the real victims of this ISIS pestilence because of political agendas, red tape, misinformation, or just plain old apathy.

We all share the feelings of powerlessness concerning the real victims of ISIS. It takes me from depression to anger in point-five. Depressed that families are decimated by Muslims who properly follow the Koran. And angry that it has gone on this long and that the excuses just plain suck.

Second, I fear that in our attempt to address the critical situation of those in need, we will get sloppy and allow ISIS to infiltrate groups of legitimate refugees. In Canada, Prime Minister Harper has stood firm on proper screening processes when letting Syrian refugees into the nation. It is definitely a slower process, and he’s eating crow for implementing proper entry procedures.

Refugees are frustrated by what looks like bureaucrats dragging their feet in this process. But they should remain patient (easy for me to say, I know) with countries willing to take them in, bandage their wounds, give them shelter, feed and give them monetary support for an extended period. Countries like France, Greece, Germany, The UK, The Netherlands and Hungary are seeing the devastating results of basically unprotected borders and slack screening of those wishing to enter as refugees

Third: My Conspiracy Theory

My third and final fear ties in with my second, but is much more sinister in appearance. It’s also something Alex Jones may grab onto if he hasn’t already. So hear me out, and take it with a grain of salt unless proof rears its ugly head.

We know that the Koran demands what ISIS is doing, so in essence if you call yourself a Muslim and do not do these acts of beheading, raping, slaving and pillaging you are not a true observer of the Koran and therefore a cultural or nominal Muslim at best. I compare it to being a Sunday Christian. Therefore if you are not a true follower of the Koran, you are just collateral damage.

That’s why ISIS is “whacking” some supposed peaceful Muslims as well. They know darn well there is only one way to keep ol’ Allah happy and that’s by bloodshed of the infidel.

We all know that Saudi Arabia unofficially funds terrorism worldwide. Could it be that this whole ISIS ordeal was orchestrated to garner pity from the western world hoping that we would offer shelter to the refugees? And so Islam, which joyfully holds steady to the creed of world domination, has or will plant scads of ISIS agents in the refugee hopefuls, therefore making a mass deposit of terrorists in Western Nations? Could this be?!

We have already heard whispers that ISIS has talked of planting some of their goons and there are an overwhelming amount of male refugees (not all) who are already starting problems and chanting slogans that are anti-west. What if the raping and the killing and burning alive, is all just a plot to plant terrorists in mass in the western countries?

Let’s be honest, any large population of any level of Muslim packing a Koran is entryway for the real followers (killers) to come in and set up shop. They are not exactly an example of a culture that assimilates. While in Paris years ago we witnessed supposed peaceful Muslims shut down a whole main street as they dropped to their knees for the (‘megaphoned’) call to prayer. We won’t even get into what’s happening in the UK at this moment.

Try not to ignore this one simple truth: almost no refugees are clamoring to get into a Muslim nation.

Screening A Necessary Evil

There is no substitute for doing things properly. Yes, screening slows the process of entry into a country for some people who may be on their last legs. Yes, if I were a refugee with two hungry, frightened children hanging off me, I’d be banging on the doors to get in.

But let’s not lose sight of what made this nation the place that refugees now, and millions over the course of its history, have chosen to seek residence in. It’s the sovereignty of a nation that allows it to retain a set of laws and morals, rather than bow to an opposing nation’s values.

If we lose our security and sovereignty, there’ll be no safe place for any seeking asylum.

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JG Smoothy
JG Smoothy is a musician and the writer of UNDERSTANDING THIS JESUS THING. He has one wonderful wife and three crazy children. JG is a pastor in Southern Alberta Canada and is in the middle of yet another book writing project.

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