The End of “Working Families”

Conservatives use language to clarify the debate with their opponents. Democrats use language to bash in the skulls of their opponents. It’s said Democrats own the language. Maybe that’s true, but only if you consider rape to be a form of ownership.

Don’t agree?

Racism, rape, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, islamophobia, bigotry, poverty, political correctness, the rich, traditional values, common sense, comprehensive, Affordable Care Act, reproductive rights, hate speech, progressivism…

Pick a politically heated word, and I’ll guarantee you a way in which Democrats beat it with a hammer and run it through their patented PC mill and what comes out at the other end is a mere memory of the original meaning. Democrats then swing these new words in wide-arching circles, hoping to catch their opponents in the face.

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Today’s word is working, brought to you by millionaire Bernie Sanders:

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Sunday accused President Donald Trump of betraying the working people who put him in office and challenged him to deny federal contracts to General Motors until the company reopens shuttered plants.

“The biggest lie was that he was going to stand up for working families and take on the establishment,” the Democratic presidential contender told a Pittsburgh rally in his first visit of 2019 to the critical battleground state of Pennsylvania. “That was a monstrous lie.”

The phrase “working [insert political victim class here]” is intended to hurt opponents – mostly anyone who’s not a Democrat — but take a step back and see how meaningless it is. If you identify a certain group as working, that implies anyone not in this group doesn’t work.

This is stupid.

People who want to and do make money – pretty much everyone of working age on the planet — have to work for it. The amount of money you get must be less than the value you return for your physical or intellectual labor. Otherwise, if you continuously make more money than the value you return, why would any employer or customer keep paying you?

From your local butcher to the grocery store bagger, your local accountant, the lady who cuts your hair, Bill Gates, Tim Cook — all of these people trade labor for money. And while there are seeming disparities that don’t make sense on the outside – e.g. teachers versus sports stars – the economics work. Naturally, it gets cloudy when government gets involved (e.g. public-sector unions negotiating with government agencies over an agreement for compensation derived from the American taxpayer).

When Democrats say, “working families,” or “working mothers” they mean to identify lower income earners as a rhetorical sledgehammer. So, to all political candidates and office holders, appointed or elected: Do not allow Democrats to falsely wield this tired, overused, and pointless term.

Call them out, and elevate the conversation .

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