The Dark Path or a New Dawn?

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People are saying Obama has been successful changing America from a republic to an oligarchy, from capitalism to collectivism, from a Christian-oriented society to one sympathetic to Sharia, and from sovereignty to submission to the U.N.

This is largely true, and it remains to be seen if we will continue down this dark path.

It is also true that any man who defies the laws of nature and of nature’s God is a fool. Any man who defies the lessons of history and the will of the people is as unwise as the man who defies gravity. All who support and follow such a man are foolish, even suicidal. They willingly trade their liberty for a bowl of soup.

History is filled with examples of dictators who sought to conquer the world and bend the masses to their will. History is a stern teacher. All such egomaniacs driven by this madness accomplish only three things in the end: massive carnage, horrific deprivation, and their own demise.

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So has Obama been successful? Yes, to an extent, in the near term.

If we would save our country, we must commit to fight an unprecedented struggle against enemies within and without, all the while avoiding economic collapse, confronting invasion by immigration, preserving liberty, and fighting off attacks from foreign powers.

The outstanding question: are there enough inspired patriots left to do the job or will we fail another history lesson?

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