The Cancer of Phony Victimhood

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See if you relate to this scenario. You’re at your cousin’s wedding, or your nephew’s graduation party, and a relative spends a half-hour bending your ear with a hard-luck story: her horrible marriage, rebellious kids, a boss from hell, etc.

You shake your head and commiserate with this tale of woe. But later, you find out through reliable channels that she has played fast and loose with the facts. She’s an unfaithful wife, or neglectful mother, or incompetent employee. Or just a chronic complainer who makes stuff up.

In other words, she’s a victim only in her deluded mind.

Why do people do this? Why do groups do this, even entire social movements?

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It’s pretty much for the same reason: justifying one’s own failings, excusing one’s sins, creating sympathy by building a case against others.

Of course, we all know authentic victims, and the sad reality is those desperate for true compassion often get bypassed if their sad circumstance doesn’t check off a box on an approved victims’ list.

Real victims abound, but America today is crowded with fake ones.

From magnified race wars, to allegations of voter suppression, to the ubiquitous “homophobia,” there are few people remaining in the land of the free who can’t claim one victim category or another.

Even atheists play the victim card. Children’s after-school Christian “Good News Clubs” threaten atheists and their devotion to “reason.” So with a new identity as Satanists, they’ve announced they’re starting Satan clubs. Good plan. What could possibly go wrong?

And girls desperate to use boys’ restrooms claim to be victims of “discrimination” if they cannot. Thankfully, the Supreme Court has at least temporarily blocked one confused girl’s attempt to invade the privacy of boys in Gloucester County, Virginia.

“Gavin Grimm” is not really a victim but imagines she is. The real victims here are truth and gender integrity, for her as well as her fellow students.

And several states and cities, most recently Seattle, allege that teens counseled to affirm heterosexuality rather than homosexual attractions are victims, that such counseling is always harmful. Yet girls may bind their breasts and teen boys wear lipstick and heels, pretending to be the opposite sex, and this deviance can allegedly only have a positive outcome.

Have we lost our minds?

Social media manipulates the unstable and uninformed. How pathetic that recent suspicion is directed at police officers who protect people from becoming victims. This sounds a lot like self-destruction: shooting oneself in the foot, so to speak.

Micro-aggression-tormented college students need “safe” spaces. How about Greenland? And campus rape is an epidemic only in the hysterical minds of women’s studies majors.

Moderate-appearing Muslims proclaim victimhood at the hands of Donald Trump. While we all sympathize with Khizr Khan and the pain of losing a son in defense of our country, what is so hard about simultaneously recognizing the Islamic jihad elephant in the room that threatens that same country? And why launch a pointed attack on Donald Trump as constitutionally deficient because he points out the dangerous insecurity of open borders?

It’s actually Khan’s candidate, Hillary Clinton, who will trash First Amendment religious freedom, continuing the reckless legacy of Barack Obama. There is nothing unconstitutional about screening people entering our borders based on ideology, religious or otherwise. Popular Islamic teaching supports an agenda of conquest and a comfort level with subjugating people of other faiths. Who wants America populated with people who only want freedom for some, and who think our Judeo-Christian heritage is disposable?

The “Constitution” is a useful construct for Democratic convention speakers to manipulate an audience of millions, as Khan did. But that same document is often discarded once the lights dim.

Or else unborn humans might not be slaughtered by the millions. Or same-sex “marriage” would never have been invented as an extension of U.S. civil rights protections.

So among the actual victims in America are the grisly remains of infants hauled away from Planned Parenthood each week. How many unborn children died the day Cecile Richards spoke to an adoring DNC?

How many middle and high school children this year will be deceived into believing they were born homosexual? Or born in the wrong sex body? And many will never hear another viewpoint, or learn they can turn away from these destructive behaviors.

These are the real victims in today’s America.

How many women and children will be forced into sex trafficking this year? Democrats spend little time combating this growing profit center for crime syndicates.

How many children will be targets of sexual abuse and be sworn to secrecy, with no one coming to their rescue? Some will be manipulated into believing they “wanted it” as their predators use pornography– also full of victims– to groom these vulnerable children.

How many such children will then grow up and be persuaded to revise history, that these statutory rapists were their “first sex partners” and that they have suffered no ill effects, even as their life histories clearly scream dysfunction? Promiscuity, recklessness, mental-health disorders, poor school performance, substance abuse, interpersonal conflict, criminal conduct, and financial and employment instability are common among teens and adults who were sexually abused as children.

But the principal child corruption groups – SIECUS, GLSEN, Planned Parenthood, Advocates for Youth, Human Rights Campaign – are led by those who minimize the danger of child molestation, who embrace early sex for children and often argue that it has few ill effects.

But we may be living out the tragedy of children neglected, abused sexually or physically, and raised in unstable homes often without fathers. They grow up to become abusers themselves who are emotionally immature, anchorless, easily manipulated citizens who will fall for anything.

And when they vote for fools, deviants or criminals, it makes victims of us all.

What can we do? Speak out, educate and stand up for the truth. America and our children deserve far more than perpetual and extremely destructive whining.

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