The Bride of ISIS: Why Women Join Jihad

The attack in San Bernardino, California, has raised many questions including, “Why would a woman who was a mother of a 6 month old carry out such an evil act of terror?”

The revelation that 27 year old Tashfeen Malik, described as modern, soft-spoken, obedient, and submissive could turn into a killer and help her husband murder 14 people has shocked many Americans.

Malik reportedly pledged allegiance to ISIS just before taking up arms.

To help us understand why women like Malik and others decide to become jihadists, is Dr. Anne Speckhard, and Adjunct Associate Professor at Georgetown University. Dr. Speckhard is the author of several books including Bride of ISIS and Talking to Terrorists. She joins us now via Skype.

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GT: Dr. Speckhard, you have interviewed over 400 terrorists, their family members and supporters, what propels women to join jihad?

AP: Well, it’s not a whole lot different than men. And uh basically the lethal cocktail that makes a terrorist, that I’ve found after interviewing 400 of them, is that there’s almost always a group. There’s an ideology. There’s some level of social support. And there’s individual vulnerabilities…

Report via CBN News

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