The Bathroom Door Is a Healthy Boundary

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A question for all you females out there. When you see a sign on a door that says “Male” and you know it’s a restroom, what’s your first reaction?

Do you feel…excluded?

If you are a female with a secure sense of self, you will laugh. “Of course not! I wouldn’t even want to go in there.”


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The notion that our minor children should become comfortable with the opposite sex boldly entering sex-segregated bathrooms, locker rooms and showers is not only ridiculous, but dangerous.

The bathroom door is a healthy boundary, one we should preserve for lots of reasons.

With school now in session, parents are already watching administrators respond to one or two students’ confused identity crises by upending sex segregation throughout the system. Children and their parents must overcome “fearful” thinking, some school officials believe, and shock is one of the tactics being used.

The idea is, the only way to get this revolution started is to push the boundaries and see if parents push back. But your tax dollars pay for the deliberate degradation of vulnerable children.

Why? Because the most effective tool for revolution is sexual confusion and corruption.

By late middle school, the insurrection in the hearts of our precious children is pretty much completed. It happens incrementally with signs along the way for alert parents.

Little Ashley won’t come home tomorrow from fifth grade and say, “Today, Dad, I lost 20% of my respect for your authority, our nation, the reliability of Scripture and sound moral values.” The good news is that many families support honest instruction plus responsible boundaries.

Parents last spring in the Fairfax schools erupted in outrage over the embrace of gender confusion in their schools, followed by news about a “sexual fluidity” curriculum planned for students. They were not bigoted or hateful, as the sexual anarchy advocates try to paint opposition. They were doing what parents ought to do: guarding their children against the breaching of appropriate fences.

When parents recently in Troy, Ohio raised concerns about a “transgender” policy under consideration by the school board, they were not discriminating, but protecting. The issue came up because a girl now wants to be known as a boy and use the male restroom.

“She has girl parts. They have boy parts. She’s got no business being in there,” one parent told a TV station.

Absolutely right. Common sense and common decency should be the very least a parent could expect from a school.

We have no moral, ethical or educational obligation to honor the delusions in a child’s mind, nor in an adult’s mind, for that matter. On the contrary we have every moral obligation to guide that child to a place where he or she becomes comfortable with reality, not with mental illness.

“You are biologically a girl. Embrace it!” is the most constructive response a school could give.

Drawing honorable boundaries and keeping them there is a no- brainer, regardless of the corrupt psychologists, homosexual activists, Democrat lawyers or administrators who push the opposite.

What about privacy rights and modesty concerns for the other students, both boys and girls?

Gender-confused kids are being encouraged to pursue a false identity they can never achieve. They are also being enabled in an entitlement mentality, one that believes they “deserve” what they want, justified or not.

“I don’t want a male in my bathroom” is a healthy response for any girl or woman, age seven to seventy, and she should be respected when she maintains that position.

The confused girl at the center of a lawsuit against the Gloucester County schools in Virginia is not happy with the gender neutral solution offered by the school. It was too stigmatizing. She wants to be accepted as one of the guys, so enormous amounts of time and money are being spent to answer her demand to invade the private space of boys.

But a much more appropriate response to “Gavin” as she now wants to be called, would be, “You are a female. End of discussion.”

It would be interesting to track the lives of some of these kids at the center of school gender controversies. As they age, the number of times they pitch a fit and demand to get their way is likely to be higher than average. Is entitlement a healthy lesson to teach any teen?

No responsible school should allow the gender anarchists to manipulate them, but school conflicts are happening on a weekly basis now.

Far from a “grass roots” movement, this is a top-down, agenda-driven scheme with local kids as useful, temporary tools. Significant financial and career rewards await those “professionals” who defend “LGBT” rights in schools by normalizing mental illness and child corruption.

The Obama Departments of Education and Justice love and honor local anti-family activists. The NEA teachers’ union defends such child-destroying policies, on record opposing religious freedom for any American who objects.

So what’s the answer? Parents in each community must unite and persevere to stop the madness. The cause doesn’t end when your last child graduates. It will just morph into something more monstrous by the time your grandchildren are born.

Dads, especially, you are needed as well as pastors–where are they? If you think you have no dog in this fight, you have missed something vital along the way.

The lieutenants in this revolution are now firmly ensconced in government schools, because we the people have let them gain entry and remain. But make no mistake: their goal is not the preservation of American ideals of family and freedom. Their goals are what they have been indoctrinated to see as nobler principles: global citizenship, multiculturalism, leftwing “justice,” and sexual sin empowerment.

The most compassionate thing any parent can do is to remove your kids from the public schools as soon as you can. But if you stay, don’t sit on the sidelines.

Get in the game and stay there.

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