The Baby Bust Continues. Will the Last Generation to Leave Please Turn Off the Lights!

Regarding fertility, the bad news just keeps getting worse. In 2018, the number of babies born here reached a 32-year low – the lowest since 1986, despite the fact that the U.S. population then was 240.1 million. It’s 327.2 million today.

There’s an even more alarming statistic: Last year the fertility rate (the number of children the average American woman will have in her lifetime) was 1.7, with 2.1 needed just to replace current population. We are going the way of the dying nations of Europe.

Who or what is to blame — a contraceptive culture (a  government that facilitates abortion and subsidizes birth control), the decline of marriage (our fixation on every type of marriage except those that actually make babies), a society that pushes cars,  vacations, and entertainment – everything but children and families.

Who’s talking about it? No one is talking sense. Feminists say women have been liberated. Liberals say we’re saving the planet, while making the people extinct. Conservatives ignore the catastrophe in the making. Even pro-lifers are silent it. You can’t find gruesome photos of declining fertility.

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The gruesomeness will come when we can’t find the workers of the future. When there’s no one left to guard the borders, keep the streets safe, or care for a growing elderly population.

Will the last generation to leave please turn off the lights!


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Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains his own website,
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