The Awakening 2016 is Just Around the Corner!

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Mat Staver: The Awakening 2016 is just around the corner — March the 5th in Orlando, Florida. this is one of the most powerful conferences you’ll ever attend. John Stemberger, President of the Florida Family Policy Council says that “this is the most powerful conference he’s attended,” and he attends lots of conferences and lots of events. It’s a combination of The Great Awakening and the American Revolution. It marries faith and freedom.

Matt Barber: Mat, you know, people often say that we’ve got to keep this separation between church and state. And this idea that political issues, that public policy issues, that cultural issues, and moral issues, spiritual issues, that they’re somehow mutually exclusive and we have to compartmentalize and keep them over in these different universes. It’s absurd.

The moral issues, the faith-based issues, the religious issues have been politicized by the secular left. They have issues that fall under the purview of the Body of Christ, the Church, and made them the public policy issues, the cultural issues, the political issues…

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