The Ascension of Trump: Why Are Progressives So Hysterical?

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“Not My President!” the banners insist. High profile Clinton supporters threaten to leave the country and marchers demand that democracy be suspended in the wake of Trump’s victory. Would Trump’s supporters have carried on in a similar fashion had Clinton won the election? I think not.

So, why the hubbub, why the hysteria?

Clintonites cite fatal defects in Mr. Trump’s character. They say he is a misogynist, for instance. But these same individuals lionize Mr. Clinton (a.k.a “Big Dog”) whose trespasses are at least as egregious as Mr. Trump’s, and they back the wife who slandered her husband’s victims. Then there’s the sexist tripe that Democrats hurl at Republican women.

Other Clinton supporters insist that Mr. Trump’s belligerent temperament proves him unstable and a risk on the nuclear button. But then why don’t Hillary’s well documented tantrums, vase tossing and potty mouth, not to mention her borderline clinical paranoia, disqualify her? What about Obama’s juvenile petulance and his sulky “back-atcha” Chicagoland political posturing? Which finger would Bibi prefer on the button, Trump’s or Bill Ayers’ buddy?

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Still others say they are offended by Mr. Trump’s dishonesty. Considering Fast and Furious, Whitewater, the IRS scandal, Benghazi movie, Pay for Play and the Clinton Foundation, “you can keep your doctor”, and BleachBit emails, it is difficult to receive their pained remonstrance with a poker face. While Mr. Trump’s smear labels are generally unwarranted, vulgar and cruel, “crooked” seems downright Christian in its restraint.

They will cite his inexperience and his incompetence. Yet they voted for the community organizer slash junior senator from Illinois and willfully suffered his ineptitude for a second term (remember Solyndra, the “JV Team”, the Arab Spring “don’t worry about the Muslim Brotherhood”, the Russian reset and Ukraine, the red line, the invasion of Libya, the “success” in Yemen, “your health premiums will go down”, the Bergdahl bungle, Iran and the Obamabomb?). It’s not unimaginable that, had Obama been VP in 1945, Hitler would have won the war (“We are not at war with National Socialism”).

Oh yes, they will say it is because Mr. Trump is a racist. Well, I guess if someone spent twenty years in a cult where people of another color are regularly denounced as the devil’s creatures and where other openly racist speakers are invited to evangel—if someone held the Grand Dragon of this assembly to be their philosophical mentor and welcomed him as part of the family—if he editorialized over legal proceedings in support of those “who have the same skin color as me”—then we should be alarmed. Oh wait, that was Barrack Obama.

It says a lot about the credibility of the race charge that Clintonites are unable to identify which race Mr. Trump targets with his prejudice or to offer any incidence of racism that any reasonable person would classify as racism (deporting violent foreign criminals, securing the border, refusing citizenship to supporters of ISIS, etc). The fact that some obscure alt-right group members voted for Mr. Trump says nothing about his alleged racial biases, in contrast to President Obama’s open and unapologetic association with company of that sort—race baiters and skin chauvinists. On top of that, there is the hateful racist phlegm that Democrats habitually fling at “Uncle Tom” Republicans.

Nope, racism doesn’t seem to be a failing that raises Democrat hackles in the least, not today nor in their Ku Klux Klan past. If all persons who judge an individual’s character by the color of their skin were to disappear from America suddenly, the Democrat cause would be stricken.

Oh, and then there’s the “Trump is not really the president because Hillary won the popular vote” refrain. If the situation were reversed, with Hillary winning the College and Trump the popular vote, would the choir be singing the same requiem? (Hint: no). Both candidates knew the scoring system before they tossed their hats into the ring, and they conducted their campaigns accordingly. We have no idea whether Hillary would have won the popular vote had Mr. Trump contested it.

Russian hacking of DNC emails is a serious matter whether it influenced the election or not, but how is Mr. Trump culpable? I can’t recall Progressives grousing over “foreign interference” when the French and Italian PMs issued public endorsements of Hillary weeks before the election; quite the opposite. In any case, there was nothing astonishing in the leaki-mails, as Hillary had already expressed her disdain for blue collar laborers, the religious, and other deplorables, candidly and it was common knowledge that the DNC was pulling for Hillary against Sanders and that the mainstream media was aiding Hillary’s election over Trump. Frankly, the claim that emails which enabled voters to see their candidate in a clearer light “prejudiced” the election is a bit obtuse.

It seems that neither racist proclivity, nor misogyny (nor “I should be president because I’m a woman” misandry), nor dishonesty, nor incompetence, nor moral degeneracy, nor foreign tampering separates the Democrat from his candidate.

So let’s put all these red herrings aside and really get to the bottom of Clinton fans’ fear and loathing.

In truth, in the mind of the Progressive, Mr. Trump is disqualified from being president for the same reason Brendan Eich is disqualified from being CEO, or Melissa Klein a baker. The reason isn’t incompetency, or racism, or misogyny, or any of the other rationalizations offered. The real reason is: he is not a believer.

In the Progressive religion, where salvation is accomplished through politics, the change from Barrack Obama to Donald Trump represents a change of gods in a way that it can’t for non-believers. Michelle Obama expresses this clearly in her comments about Hope leaving the White House—she understands her husband to be the personification of the collective hope, hope made immanent. It is evident that President Obama views himself in these hallowed terms also (“when you elected me, the oceans began to recede”) and, if you remember the outpouring after President Obama’s election in 2008, it is clear that his supporters share this belief in their leader’s exalted station. He is the Messiah of Progress, “Black Jesus” to his political staff, Oprah’s “The One”. “When the Messiah speaks, the youth will hear…” Louis Farrakhan declares, and all the wide-eyed youth, in their “Jesus was a community organizer” tees, nod their heads.

So what is this “progress” they are pandering after? Progress, in this context, is societal movement toward a desired goal. What is the goal of the Religion of Progress? It is to establish an environment where individuals can exercise absolute autonomy—where they can be whatever they want to be. How is this progress advanced? By destroying “repressive” elements in society, those that restrain the individual from realizing this freedom, things like marriage, the church, gender, and “privileges” such as wealth and race and other marks of inequality (sayeth Saint Marcuse). With these impediments disempowered, the government will be free to order society to achieve the blessed state, where each can be as God. It’s a fool’s bargain, this “give us your liberty and we’ll let you be whatever you want” deal, but Progressives insist we accept it since the smart people in government really know what’s best for us.

For the disciples of Progress, the march to the Great Day of Progress, where everyone will rest content in the State’s providence, is considered inevitable and ultimately irresistible. Those who try to resist will end up on the wrong side of History, much as Christians believe that those who don’t accept Jesus will be on the wrong side.

The fact of Mr. Trump’s election to the presidency raises the spectre of America untransformed: if America is a Progressive land and unbelievers few, as mainstream media and the celebrity host have confirmed, how is it that one such as Mr. Trump is elected? His election must somehow be illegitimate, then; not a true expression of America.

Hillary denounces Trump supporters as “irredeemables”, a distinctly religious term. Their crime is apostasy, rejecting the truth of Progress once received. Progressives are shy about employing the term “apostasy”, religion being the domicile of less enlightened folk in their view, so they make due with ill-fitting tags like “racist”, “islamophobe”, “homophobe”, or the catch-all “hater”. This is why Progressives are hard pressed to prove Mr. Trump’s “racism”, because his real offense is apostasy, a term they dare not mouth.

Mr. Trump’s apostasy is terrifying for the Progressive believer. Yes, his policies could set Progress back—that is bad enough, for it is ordained that Progress, like Evolution, may never run backward. But there are greater dangers still. What if this false prophet were to be successful where the Messiah of Progress had floundered so badly? What if he was to bring America back to prosperity, untangle the international mess and begin to heal the racial divide? What would that say about the divine credentials of Black Jesus and the legitimacy of his religion? No, they must band together, these Progressives, to ensure these things do not happen.

So now a new high priest has ascended to the seat of power and terror fills the Progressive heart and blackens its rose-colored skies. The holy work of the Lightworker has been interrupted. Indeed, many of his miracles will now be undone, it is feared—progress rolled back. His religion’s politically-correct imperatives lay trampled under the heel of The Donald’s indifference. An abomination has set himself in the Temple and there is desolation all around. The Spirit has departed. The Hope is gone. Progress, they fear, is dead.

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James Tennant is a committed urbanite living in the Great White North, computer technologist, writer, artist, culture warrior, author of two books, 225 and Necropolis.

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