Covenant Journey: The 10 Most Impactful Days of Their Life

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Anita and I just returned from an amazing trip to Israel with almost 50 college age students. These are Christian college age students coming in this particular trip from 20 different colleges. These are all individuals who have leadership potential. And their lives were transformed, it’s the ten most impactful days of their lives.

Mat Staver: Matt, this is now the seventh Covenant Journey trip we’ve done in about twelve months. We have other Covenant Journey trips planned for 2016. People that are interested can go to And we’re looking for not just any student, not just college students, but we’re looking for Christian, college age students who have leadership potential, and who have some level of interest or support for Israel. These trips to Israel literally are life-changing, transformative for these students.

Matt Barber: Well, and the feedback from the students is just amazing. They go, while they’re there, just glowing from my understanding from…Cindy Matthews and others who have gone there along with these young people. What an amazing opportunity to see the Holy Land. But, Mat, it’s chock full of activities, of history, of information, of worship…

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