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In Modern Academia, the words “courage” and “professor” don’t often meet together in press or in writing. The nature of the Modern University is to punish rather than promote independent thought. You either conform, or you don’t get tenure. You nod your head in agreement with the consensus of the elite, or you get your head knocked off.

I have never seen such madcap, politicized monomania as the intellectual autarchy of the illiberal university. This is America, not Cuba, Russia, or North Korea. What has happened to the university? The administrators have chosen to abide by the bidding of the Marxist-Leninists, who took over the halls of the Ivory Tower five decades ago. Cultural Marxism is the militant rage. The Frankfurt School is now the Frankfurt Globalist Movement.

And the University is the incubator, the central force for this destruction.

Now it’s a pinnacle of ruthless despotism, committed to an idealized, read FALSE narrative of radical equality, which demands that the world work a certain way, or else.

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Should the rest of us care about a bunch of petulant nerds?


This destructive insanity has flooded Mainstream America. We have a cultural elite that wants to force women to accept men sharing the same bathroom with them. The President down to his Democratic minions want to seize not just our guns, but our rights to speak.

We even have institutions embracing segregation once again. Just look at the “Black Only” dorms dotting the college landscapes. I wonder when someone will take the time to remind that white men (and women) shed blood, sweat, and tears to end slavery and to enforce the civil pride of natural rights for all men.

Grievance and entitlement are the new normal at the American University. Disagreement is more than inconvenient. Now it hurts! Anyone who disagrees with the University Code, the New World Order of radical, left-wing progressivism is shouted down, silenced, and eliminated.

The attacks on freedom of speech are particularly telling, and the protectors of this New Tyranny have overtaken the levers of power. But there are a few professors who still believe in freedom of speech. They deserve recognition for their courage, because their stance can cost them their careers.

One of them is Professor John McAdams of Marquette University.

The background of this story should be well-known by now. He defended the rights of one student to question gay marriage in a philosophy of ethics course. When he confronted the graduate instructor after class, he stated his beliefs in natural marriage. Instead of welcoming the different point of view, the instructor shamed the students as “homophobic,” then suggested that the student drop the class.


The spurned student reached out to McAdams, who defended the student and in a blog  slammed the graduate instructor for this intolerant behavior. After all, isn’t a university supposed to be about free and open inquiry? Let’s not forget that the professor expressed his views.

Instead of investigating the graduate instructor, the University went after the professor.


He was placed on leave, then terminated.

Trigger-warnings are for snowflakes, you know, but not for robust academics like McAdams who can tolerate another person’s opinion.

They didn’t give him any warning!

Despite this travesty, and the controversy which sought to shut him up, then shut him down.

But McAdams wouldn’t back down, recant his views, or conform to the petty political correctness of Modern Academia. He sued the university, and he continued to voice his opinions, and defend your right to voice your opinions.

Within days of his suspension, emails from all over the country came to the Professor offering their support. Even liberal writers and gay marriage proponents supported the courageous professor and denouncing the Catholic university for suspending him. Hover over that word “Catholic”, and let that fact sink it. Marquette the Catholic institution fired a professor for defending a student, who in turn defends the Biblical, natural definition of marriage. Isn’t that what a Catholic institution should applaud rather than reject?

And yet …

McAdams gets cast out of this Garden of Intolerance. His exit is no shame for him, however, but for the once-might Academic tradition of this country.

For two years, this controversy has danced around in the press and among conservatives.

Last week, Professor McAdams received the Right Wisconsin Unintimidated Award. Well-deserved.

Read his comments about this onslaught on freedom of speech:

“First of all, I enjoy a good fight,” he says. “It is also a matter of principle. That is some people need to be taught a lesson; people who think they can run rough shod over people’s academic freedom.”

How far will he take his fight to get job back? “As far as necessary,” he says, “including a lawsuit.”

I hope that another, truly liberal–as in free–institution hires him very soon! It would be the principled thing to do.

Thank you again, Prof. McAdams. Your courage in the face of anti-academic bigotry is inspiring. More people need to hear you story, and follow your example!

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Arthur Schaper
Arthur Schaper is a blogger, writer, and commentator on topics both timeless and timely; political, cultural, and eternal. A life-long Southern California resident, Arthur currently lives in Torrance. Follow his blogs at The State of the Union and As He Is, So Are We Ministries.

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