When Have the Terrorists Won?

By Rebekah Maxwell

When Have the Terrorists Won?: Choking on the fallout from the ongoing VA scandals (which not even a high-level firing can seem to quell), President Obama chose suddenly to get serious about ending the war in Afghanistan and bring home a captured soldier. Obama released five high-ranking Taliban officials from Guantanamo Bay in exchange for American soldier Bowe Bergdahl, who was captured in Afghanistan nearly five years ago. So far, the move has earned the White House anything but a PR boost. GOP leaders are complaining that Obama released the prisoners illegally outside of Congress (so, no different than most of what Obama does…that you never do anything about). And many are concerned that whatever global fear America still commands is severely undermined by Obama openly proclaiming “we now negotiate with terrorists, and the deal is 5-1.” But they promise that these terrorists will behave themselves and not attack us anymore. I’m sure we can trust them.

To top it off, Bergdahl’s loyalties are being questioned: reports say the soldier was captured when he left camp without permission, a month after emailing his parents that he was “ashamed to be an American” and “the horror that is America is disgusting.” Just after Bergdahl’s release, his father sent a shocking (and quickly deleted) tweet that openly sided with the enemy.

Oh, and Bergdahl Sr’s first words at the White House were to praise Allah in Arabic:

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Could that be warm fuzzies I feel? Not really. Creeping dread? Closer. When our leaders let some of our most dangerous enemies go free, in return for an American who just might agree with them, perhaps the terrorists have won.

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