Ted Cruz: Republicans Are ‘Effective’ Democrats [VIDEO]

Ted Cruz went into hostile territory for an interview on NBC Sunday show “Meet the Press,” and he used that leftist forum to call out Republican Party leadership for acting like Democrats, showing that Donald Trump isn’t the only one tired of the status quo.

Cruz appeared on the Oct. 18 edition of the political talk show and analyzed the problems with the GOP for “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd, with NBC providing a summary of that appearance.

“The truth of the matter is Republican leadership are the most effective Democrat leaders we’ve ever seen. They’ve passed more Democratic priorities than Harry Reid ever could,” Cruz said.

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Donald Trump isn’t the only one successfully taking on the media and ruling class establishment. Cruz has been on a roll lately too.

The Christian Post reported on Oct. 15 that Cruz spoke out against the far left, identifying its rabid hatred for Christianity.

Republican presidential candidate and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” Tuesday and declared the “far left” in American politics as having a deeply ingrained hostility toward Christianity. . . .

“The far left has always had a strong anti-American streak and it’s always had an antipathy for Christians,” declared Cruz. . . .

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