VIDEO: Ted Cruz Rallies Religious Freedom Supporters at Supreme Court for Hobby Lobby

On a blustery day, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) surprised a group of religious freedom proponents who had spent the morning freezing at a rally in support of Hobby Lobby’s Supreme Court appeal. On Tuesday, Cruz’s arrival was cheered by those who had patiently waited outside while the oral arguments were being made.

Cruz reminded everyone in attendance of our nation’s historic tradition of fleeing religious persecution and our brave legacy of defending the right of every individual to seek the Lord God Almighty.

We are a nation that was founded by men and women who fled religious oppression. We were founded my men and women who came here because we said every one of us has a God-given right to seek out the Lord God Almighty with all of our heart, mind and soul free from the Government standing in the way. That is our shared legacy. It’s a legacy for people of all faiths.

Religious liberty and conscience protections were identified by Cruz as the very first freedoms that our Founders sought to protect by enshrining them in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

There is a reason why the very first protection in the Bill of Rights is the protection of religious liberty. It comes before the freedom of speech, before the freedom of the press. The very first thing the framers wanted to protect in the Bill of Rights was the right of everyone of us to worship God consistent with the dictates of our conscience.

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Cruz also pointed out that the Obama administration has given every powerful interest an exemption from Obamacare. Yet, they have refused to exempt people of faith from the abortifacient mandate.

Big business gets an exemption, members of Congress get an exemption, those who walk the corridors of power in the Obama administration get and exemption. And yet the position of this administration is that people of faith do not deserve an exemption, people of faith do not have a right to practice their faith.

Cruz, commenting on the pro-choice protestors at the Supreme Court, stated that this case had nothing to do with any individual’s right to use birth control.

No one is doubting that any person, if they choose to use contraceptives can do so. This is not about that. This is about the federal government, whether they can force people of faith to violate their own faith by paying for something that is contrary to the dictates and teachings of their faith.

Cruz reiterated the fact that the Obama administration has been ruthlessly litigating against the Little Sisters of the Poor, a  order of Catholic nuns, who have taken a vow of poverty to care for the needy.

Now, any individual can choose to exercise whatever they want, but the idea that we are trying to fine Catholic nuns millions of dollars to force them to violate their faith, that runs utterly contrary to centuries of tradition to the protection of our Constitution.

Stating that this “train wreck of law” is hurting millions of people, Cruz called upon the Supreme Court to stand up and defend the constitutional rights of every American. He also went so far as to boldly predicted that the high court would side with the owners of Hobby Lobby.

I predict that the United States Supreme Court is going to strike down the contraception mandate because they are going to say, ‘the federal government does not have the authority to force people to violate their faith particularly when they are granting exemptions to every other powerful interest.’ They can’t single out people of faith and say, ‘you will be treated worse than big business, worse than members of Congress.’

Cruz concluded by expressing his gratitude to those who are standing up for religious freedom.

Thank you for being here…thank you for standing up your principles, thank you standing up for liberty, thank you for standing up for faith, thank you for standing up for the Constitution. …

Religious liberty should resonate with every American…I salute you, I thank you for your prayers for our nation, and I thank you for standing up for liberty. God bless you.

The appreciative crowd cheered as the senator stepped down from the podium.

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Jeff Allen is both a senior editor and columnist for BarbWire. He also serves as senior pastor in a mainline Christian church in Indiana. He is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene. Jeff is involved in several community ministries.
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