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Only liberals use the word “dominionist.” The way liberals use it as a pejorative and the misinterpretation of applying it to a full out theocracy was started by a liberal sociologist Sara Diamond in the 1980s. It doesn’t mean what they think or say it means.  They use it disingenuously away from its actual meaning. This goes back to the Christian-Judeo ethic, which is centered on free will and therefore people of all faiths (atheists and agnostics included) and beliefs have equal opportunity to contribute and succeed in society.
Dominionist is taken from the Biblical term “dominion” in Genesis 1: 26-28 that liberals and heretics use out of context, either intentionally or unintentionally. It doesn’t mean anything about establishing a theocracy. It means that since the human race is created in the image of GOD, that the human race has dominion over all of the animals in the animal kingdom. That is, we respect all living creatures as part of the ecosystem, but they are lower on the food chain. Maybe the reason why we share the same DNA as other mammals is not because of common ancestor, but because we have to have similar DNA in order to live in the same biosphere and for the food chain to work? But I digress.
As far as Ted Cruz being a Christian theocrat, he is especially a big proponent of the 10th Amendment, which says that whatever issues not found in the Constitution shall be determined locally by the people of each state. Though a self-evident truth that a man and woman are complementary opposites, the structure of same sex marriage doesn’t and cannot supplant this truth. The president has the right to use that pulpit to make a case to the American people what he or she believes is right and why the people should believe the same (Obama does this often), but issues like marriage as a structure, for instance, that are not in the Constitution get regulated to state’s rights.
Authoritarians like Donald Trump often talk about how they are going to use the president’s position and the federal government to solve our problems. Ted Cruz talks about how the Constitution is the guideline for getting the government out of our lives more and therefore letting “we the people” on a more local level figure things out with each other. The premise of this Constitutionalist position is that we know how to solve our own problems and disagreements with each other through local discourse, research, votes, etc, better than any government. Otherwise, the government just plays the role of “king” or dictator and not servant to the people. The only issues that the federal government really should be involved in is national security (military), some regulation of international commerce, and maybe some infrastructure issues….though I would argue that with infrastructure issues, the federal government involvement should be extremely rare and only used in extreme situations of dire-need. I digress again. 
Speaking of theocracy, a theocracy is believing that the federal government and/or 5-9 unelected judges should be able to impose upon the states and the local people how to think or believe when it comes to moral and social issues. The last thing we want is a federal government and/or 5-9 unelected judges telling the 320 million people what and how we should believe on social moral issues. The Constitution, when followed, protects us from letting that happen, and “we the people” on a local level can decide among each other what we believe and how to function in society with one another. This is real freedom.

If you think it is good thing for the federal government to fine or jail a baker for not wanting to bake a cake for a same sex “ceremony” because they disagree with it, please think about this. What happens if the next president is against same sex “marriage” and then uses the same power of the federal government to fine or jail a baker for baking a cake for a same sex couple? How would you feel about that as a pro-homosexualist liberal?

Too much power in the federal government can swing one way or another depending on who the person is in office. It’s better for ALL people that we have a strict Constitutionalist in office, especially a proponent of the 10th amendment…like Ted Cruz!

With that, I have to say that there has been only 2 REAL tride and true Constitutional Conservative presidents in the last century; Ronald Reagan and Calvin Coolidge. I consider Ted Cruz a hybrid of both of them, which doesn’t come around too often.


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Jason Salamone
Jason Salamone is a former liberal agnostic, but surrendered to Christ on April 7th, 2011 at Liberty Counsel's Awakening conference. A "Movement Conservative," Jason is a no exceptions pro-lifer, and believes that the natural family are foundational to small/limited government. Jason has contributed predominately as a non-editorial research analyst to a variety pro-family activists. When reading his articles, please don't overlook the hyperlinks used to reinforce the facts and data presented.

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