Tearing Down the Marriage Gold Standard: Good for Society?

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It seems that a lot of SSM supporters don’t realize what is happening to man/woman marriage at the policy level. They seem to think that SSM is added to the legal code along side man/woman marriage. This is not the case. Imagine this image, but shattered because people threw rocks through it:

holy family

That’s what’s happening to man/woman marriage at the policy level. We are in the process of tearing this down, and replacing it with the unreal concept of “genderless marriage.” Male and female are being written out of the legal code. We held up male and female as marriage for the entire history of our nation. Divorce has harmed this image but did not destroy it entirely. “Genderless marriage” will finish the job.

Man/woman marriage is also the gold standard for children’s outcomes across all measures, and assuming the parents stay married, this holds true regardless of income levels. Yet same sex marriage supporters tacitly argue that removing the gold standard from policy will be a net benefit to society over the long term.

It’s easy to plot a trajectory of where the Left is going with their new found love of marriage–and never forget, it IS a new found love. Leftist thought leaders have historically reviled marriage and religion. The reason is that both marriage and religion compete with the collective in terms of loyalty and power over the individual. It’s no coincidence that now people who defend man/woman marriage are labeled as haters and bigots by the radical Left–name calling is an effective silencer. Do a little research into the stated aims of their founders (like Marx and Engels), look at the past actions and statements of those who embrace those founders’ philosophies (for example, prominent feminists of the 1960s and 70s), and look around at what the more active among them are doing today. As an example for today, look at the scene for the 56th Grammy Awards on January 26, 2014. The scene is a church–a very traditional church.

grammys gay wedding 2014Click image to embiggen.

The Grammy stage designers could have created a scene of a courthouse, which would have represented civil marriage. That’s what SSM supporters claim to want, but they didn’t do that. They created a religious scene. The Left is telling us where they’re going, which is what they’ve been doing since the time of Marx and Engels. It’s not a slippery slope when the Left files complaints when:

  • a Catholic school rescinds its offer to hire a man once it finds out he’s in a gay marriage. Reference
  • Christian bakeries refuse to bake wedding cakes for gay weddings. Reference reference
  • a Christian photographer refuses to photograph a gay commitment ceremony. Reference
  • a Christian wedding venue refuses to host a gay couple’s wedding. Reference

Thus, it’s easy to see that same sex marriage is a red herring, a means to an end. We can “leap frog” over same sex marriage, and talk about Leftist goals. Here are a few conversation starters that you can use with your friends, family, and co-workers:

  • Did you know that man/woman marriage is being removed from legal recognition?
  • Is removing the gold standard from policy going to increase or decrease the power of the government over the individual over the long term? Will it be good for children?
  • What sort of a message are we sending to children by removing the gold standard from policy?
  • Why is the radical Left in love with marriage now, when they have historically reviled marriage?
  • If this was only about civil marriage, why are we seeing religious liberty issues arise?
  • Should we take the radical Left seriously when they tell us where they’re going?

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Jennifer Johnson is a socially conservative activist who focuses on the marriage issue. She's a Catholic convert and also the finance director for the Ruth Institute, which was founded by Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse. Visit Jennifer's profile here. Stay updated with the Ruth Institute by signing up for the newsletter here.
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