Target’s Dangerous Transgender Policy Has Exposed Women to Predators

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We told you it was going to happen. It’s just simple common sense. Whenever you allow men to use women’s private changing facilities, you’re going to have problems. Well, Target is now experiencing those problems, and more is on the way. We’re going to be talk about ten instances of situations where men are using these changing facilities to do bad things — to photograph and even do other kinds of things with regards to women in these private facilities.

Mat Staver: You know this boycott against Target has really hurt it economically, in the billions of dollars. And it’s obvious why their money is not doing too well, their stock has plummeted. It’s because people around the country have simply stopped shopping at Target. They don’t want to go there, because of their immoral policies. And people certainly don’t want to go there to use the changing facilities.

We’ve got ten instances recently reported by the American Family Association, all of them involving Target in Dallas. For example, instance number one: police in Dallas according to their recent report — now this is September 7, 2016, so this is very recent — police in Dallas are looking for a man who took pictures of a women trying on clothes in Target…

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