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Target stores have embarked on another insane turn for the worse.

In an effort to be inclusive and accommodation, they are permitting customers to use whichever bathroom they identify with.

Christians, conservatives, individuals who do not shy away from common sense have had enough.

The American Family Association went one step further, and started a petition to #BoycottTarget.

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If you have not signed the petition, already, sign it here.

As of print time, 1 million one hundred thousand plus individuals have signed on.

Christians are starting to win the culture wars. In fact, men and women who recognize biological realities rather than emotional sensibilities are fighting back.

Targeting Target is a perfect way for pro-family forces to draw a red line (not a red circle) and push back.

Let’s enjoy this trend with greater scrutiny. Americans are fed up with Big Business Bullying and political correctness. To express their displeasure, they will no longer shop at a store which caters to less than 1% of the population, at the exclusion of the safety and security of the rest. Their stock is price is tumbling. Will the change course or go out of business?

Let’s also consider the prior developments which led to this outrageous and foolish corporate policy.

Target stores have declared war on the concept of gender (for the sake of this article, and subsequent statements from me on this subject, gender will refer to the biological determinants of male and female in every person).

I have already written about the divine guidelines of gender, how God has blessed us with His loving touch.

But for now, let’s put aside the Biblical inspiration.

Whether you believe in revelation or evolution, let’s proceed to biological fundamentals, and why Christians have not been winning  against the culture wars.

Let’s start with the targeted premise of the left-wing corporate owners:

“We are trying to be open and accommodating”, Target claims.


Accommodating! I am so tired of hearing that word abused in such a perverse context. Certain attitudes, actions, and behaviors should not be accommodated. They need to be confronted! Example: the professor of a Christian college told his students that higher learning is not a day care. If you don’t want a minister to confront the sinful self-righteousness in your life, go somewhere else.

The same response must hold true in the face of the LGBT agenda. Stop accommodating it. Target the lies and the false information, and confront!

So, despite their best intentions, Target has undermined its core goal. What an irony has played out in this department store. They wanted to prevent “transgendered” individuals from feeling targeted. Now, the corporation ends up excluding and marginalizing–targeting–the vast majority of their prospective consumer public. Women and children can fall victim to voyeurs, predators, pedophiles who “self-identify” as women to exploit. (It’s already happened).

Now, let’s follow what Pastor Greg Locke had to say:

This Tennessee pastor stood up to Target’s political correctness.

I loved it.  I loved every minute of it!

He talked about common sense. I really liked the line, “I’m forty years old, but I’m pretty old school. Sometimes I open my mouth, my grandfather walks out.”


And yet he kept talking about the “LGBT Community.”

Stop right there.

A set of behaviors, created identities, or mental disorders do not a community make.

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender “community” is a myth, a fraud, a lie.

It’s based on junk science from sickened medical profiteers. Alfred Kinsey and his obsessed ilk pushed distorted research to reach distressing conclusions. Much of the “research” conducted by these disturbed quacks amounted to little more than justifying license absent hardcore, inescapable facts.

Let’s target some of their lies right now.

There is no evidence of genetic predispositions toward homosexuality. None. Pro-LGBT activists (extremists) will argue till they are blue in the face (or you are, from frustration or holding your peace) that they are born that way. Even Presidential candidate John Kasich has embraced this unsubstantiated determination. These testimonies suggest that same-sex attraction and conduct is not genetic.

Now for more prescient and evident truth.

Transgenderism is not an identity. It’s a defect. It’s a disorder. Deal with it, Bruce Jenner. You are still a he, no matter how much of your body you have submitted to the cosmetic’s knife.

Read this next sentence very carefully, so that I convey my opinion clearly:

Human beings are not disorders. Men and women who choose–notice choose–to identify as male or female (contrary to their gender) are very likely in pain or confused. I also acknowledge that “choose” in a sense may not fit. No one simply enters into destructive behaviors as a preference, just like picking up one’s favorite cereal off the shelf at a grocery store. What does a man or a woman do with a sense of shame or fear in their lives? If someone was molested as a child, that shame needs to be confronted as a lie. It is not the child’s fault. The answer doers not lie in embracing … a lie.

The answer is not to accommodate that lie, either.

It’s time to target this LGBT agenda. It’s time to say “Enough!”

Its time to target Target for encouraging, enabling this sickness.

Christians also need to provide answers, something better!

All men are born dead in their trespasses, but Jesus offers us not just a new birth. but a new life in Himself, and we reign in life! (Romans 5: 17)

Christians, stop acknowledging this LGBT “community.” Target the lies with the truth, and hold every corporate or government entity which embraces this destructive nonsense.

I understand that pastors, preachers, and Christian community leaders do not want to shame individuals in bondage to this agenda. The answer however, does not lie in treating transgenderism as a status to accept.

Yes, let’s Boycott Target, but stop adopting the language of the anti-family Left. There’s no LGBT “community.” It’s based on a lie, and the truth sets free.


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Arthur Schaper
Arthur Schaper is a blogger, writer, and commentator on topics both timeless and timely; political, cultural, and eternal. A life-long Southern California resident, Arthur currently lives in Torrance. Follow his blogs at The State of the Union and As He Is, So Are We Ministries.

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