Target and Federal Buildings Now Open to Men Invading Women’s Restrooms

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Federal buildings are now open to men using women’s restrooms and Target continues to plummet in its earnings and its stock value over this very issue.

Mat Staver: You know this is a no-brainer: boys, men, should use the boys’ and men’s restroom. But President Obama has now issued this additional directive. Now this one applies to federal buildings. The one that he issued regarding public schools has been stopped by a federal judge in Texas. And now he’s issued this one. This one is for the so-called Government Services Administration, or GSA, as a new regulation. Which, by the way, they never published for public comment, which they need to do. But they bypassed that, they bypass the law whenever they want to.

Matt Barber: This got actually smacked down by a federal judge in Texas, their directive for public schools for not doing just that. He said you violated the process. You did not open this up for comment. Neither did they do this here… 

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