Talking Past One Another on Homosexual Sin

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Are you getting really exhausted by, or do you just need a little help in answering, the oft-repeated arguments of the “gay” activists? Then, there’s an excellent ARTICLE that was published in the most recent edition of Good News magazine, a publication of the Confessing Movement in the United Methodist Church.  They are an “evangelical voice for renewal” that’s fighting to keep the UM denomination from completely becoming another one of the “flatline” denominations (as opposed to “mainline”). 

In this piece entitled “Talking Past One Another,” author Rob Renfroe, the President and publisher of Good News, does a very great job at succinctly answering what he considers to be the top five objections of the gay activists with regards to the Bible-believing church’s stance on homosexuality. It will most certainly be helpful to all Christians regardless of their denominational or non-denominational affiliation.  For all fellow foot soldiers of the faith, it’s well worth the read. Here’s a sampling of some of its more delectable morsels.

To those who argue that we’re doing more harm by pointing out that homosexuality is incompatible with biblical teaching:

I know it is hurtful when we are told that our actions are not acceptable in God’s sight. But there is a difference between hurt and harm.  A doctor who sets a broken bone may hurt us to move the bone back into place, be he or she does not harm us.  Just the opposite  the doctor makes our healing possible.

Or what about the church’s so-called fixation on this one sin:

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No group is arguing that greed is good, pride is to be condoned, or adultery celebrated.  If there were such groups, I can assure you Good News would be as adamantly opposed to their arguments…So, the real question is why do progressives single out this one practice?

And what about the misleading claim that Jesus never condemned homosexuality?  Besides referring to Matt. 19:4-6, Renfroe states:

Jesus never spoke about and I’m not equating these sins to homosexuality rape, incest, child abuse…Should we, therefore, decide they aren’t important.

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