Tactical Walls: Gun owners offered security, functionality and aesthetic value

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By Nathan TaborBarbWire guest contributor

One problem many gun owners experience when seeking to store their own personal arsenal is how to conceal their rifles, handguns, shotguns and other weapons from prying eyes or worse — theft during a burglary — while maintaining accessibility so that the owner may respond to an emergency in which he must be armed.

Another problem is complying with government regulations at the state and local levels regarding security and safety of firearms, such as in New York City which demands that gun owners lock up their weapons in secure containers.

A family-owned business in Virginia may provide the solution for multiple-firearms owners and gun collectors. Tactical Walls not only specializes in hidden storage for your firearms but the company appears to have achieved the balance between weapons security and aesthetic value for the gun owner’s home or office.

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The firm’s founder, Tim Matters, is a Shenandoah Valley entrepreneur who, following four years of active duty service in the United States Air Force, enrolled in a baccalaureate program majoring in Industrial Design at the well-respected Art Institute of Philadelphia.

His military training and experience, his knack for design and enjoyment of outdoor activities, such as shooting, made him the perfect person to design what he calls tactical walls. In fact, that’s the name of the successful company he established and now runs with his vice president, Chris Woods: Tactical Walls. (www.TacticalWalls.com)

According to Matters, he possesses a love for “all things guns,” coupled with an innate desire to give people a product that is at once a usable defensive options coupled with a touch of what he calls a “cool factor.” He believes that is what has driven him to success.

“We strive to bring our customers innovative products that are simple to install and use, while enhancing their home defense options. Knowing that our products help families prepare for uncertain times is one of the many driving factors that keep us pushing on. We love giving you cool ways to hide, store, and display your guns. But more importantly we are proud that our products may one day help you protect yourself, or your family,” Matters stated.’

Tactical Walls offers a number of products to secure everything from a single semiautomatic handgun to an entire wall units that hide both handguns and rifles.

But many times potential customers have asked why buy a piece of furniture when they can secure their guns in a safe. To Tim Matters, the answer is simple: “Tactical Walls’ products offer speed, convenience, and simplicity. Plus you can hide this where you wouldn’t put a safe. Safes are great but I wouldn’t keep a weapon locked up which I’m depending my life upon.”

“Honestly, have you ever tried entering your passcode in the dark? Under stress. It is not the easiest thing to do. Plus if you need to react and seconds count do you take the time to re-lock your safe or not? If yes. You’re wasting valuable seconds. If no, your safe really isn’t a safe anymore is it? Kinda just like the inserts we make. Except full of other guns that could potentially be stolen. When you grab the gun out of your insert it is likely empty now so you can rest assured that nothing of great value is going to be stolen. Plus you gain the valuable seconds that would go to locking your safe up again,” says Matters.

Matters is proud of his company’s “fan mail,” as well. For example a typical customer testimonial is posted on the Tactical Walls website:

My wife was the first to come across your products at a recent gun show. She pulled me aside to look at what she had seen. It was a safe, furniture-quality way to keep firearms handy. As we walked away from the demo she said, “I need a full length mirror.” It was like she said I didn’t fish enough or watch enough football; the message was clear. We returned home and checked possible locations (wall stud locations, room for door opening) for the 1450 bundle. Once we identified a location that worked, I ordered the 1450 and as they say, the rest is history.

Thanks again for a great product and your quick response in resolving my issue.

–Billy from Texas

Nathan Tabor (@NathanTabor) is a conservative businessman, Christian activist and founder of ConservativeBase.com.

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