Syrian Refugee Crisis Poses Threat to US National Security

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The Syrian Refugee Crisis is in fact a crisis, but at the same time, it also poses a threat to our national security. Even the FBI director has said that we cannot safely vet these individuals, identify who they are, as they are coming across the borders. So we need to be very vigilant in protecting our national security, not only here in America, but certainly around the world.

Mat Staver: Matt, some of the numbers that are coming out with regards to the Syrians are startling. Certainly we know through our effort in humanitarian outreach through Liberty Relief International, that this is a real crisis. and many people are losing their lives, they’re being slaughtered, they’re being raped, they’re being tortured, burned, they’re losing their families, their houses, their jobs, everything.

So Liberty Relief International is trying to help those individuals who have been displaced, particularly our persecuted brothers and sisters, our Christian brothers and sisters in Syria and in Iraq and throughout the Middle East, to give them food, water, shelter, clothing, other kinds of comforts there in their land and to put them in safe places…

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But on the other hand there is this movement to try to bring them into the United States, and since we cannot safely vet who these people are, we should not allow those individuals to come into the United States because they pose a significant security risk to America and to the rest of the world.

Matt BarberYea, it’s interesting that primarily Christians and Yazidis are the ones who are actually being persecuted and killed by ISIS, a genocide in Syria and Iraq and elsewhere. Yet, president Obama has chosen to take in instead, 98.6% of all the Syrian refugees are are Sunni Muslims. They are not the ones being targeted for genocide. It’s completely inconsistent. But what’s even more frightening than that, Mat, is for instance a 2007 poll that found that 77% of Syrians support financing Islamic terrorists including Hamas, and ISIS, which has evolved into ISIS around the country. This is scary stuff…

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