Swiss People Vote for International Law over Swiss Law

Thanks to socialists worldwide, especially those in the United Nations have been working hard to push their owe-world socialist government.

Democrats here in the United States have already bought into the evil scheme.

Our public education system also teaches globalism over nationalism, patriotism or anything American.

Switzerland has long maintained a neutral nation for over a century, not wanting to take sides in any of the world conflicts.

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Their neutrality, coupled with their banking practices, have made them one of the banking destinations in the world.

In a recent vote, the Swiss people voted no to a referendum to place Swiss law over international law.

BBC News – Swiss vote no in sovereignty referendum – Swiss voters have rejected a proposal to give Swiss law precedence over international law and treaties, according to results coming in from a national referendum.

Figures based on partial results give 67% against and 33% in favour, national broadcaster SRF said.

Critics said the proposal would have damaged the country’s global standing.

A proposal to subsidise farmers who do not remove their cows’ horns has also been rejected.

The rejection of the sovereignty proposal is a major blow for the right-wing Swiss People’s Party (SVP), which put it forward, says the BBC’s Imogen Foulkes in Geneva…

If Democrats get control of the White House and Congress, we may find ourselves giving up our sovereignty in favor of international law.

Don’t forget that Obama had invited the United Nations in watch over a US election.

Obama and Hillary Clinton also signed on to several United Nations’ treaties that could have given the United Nations control over firearm ownership and could have made private ownership of most firearm illegal.

It all fits since the United Nations is nothing more than a global socialist organization and America’s Democratic Party is also a socialist organization bent on destroying the America we know and love.



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