Swedish Government Issues ‘Be Prepared for War’ Pamphlet to Every Home in Sweden

The Swedish government is giving out an emergency pamphlet to every home, to prepare millions of citizens for a war, natural disaster or cyber attack amid soaring tensions between Russia and NATO.

Entitled “If Crisis or War Comes,” the government brochure is published in 13 languages (to serve the large variety of Islamic invaders that the Swedish government insists on treating as innocent “refugees” and immigrants).

The 20-page document outlines with simple illustrations the threats which the Nordic nation is facing, such as military conflict, natural disasters, cyber and terror attacks.

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The last time such a brochure was printed was in 1961 during the Cold War. While the latest booklet does not point to any country, its release comes amid fears of an open conflict between NATO and Russia over NATO’s military activities expanding and encroaching Russia on its borders. (Instead of encroaching Islam, NATO is targeting Russia. Instead of protecting Europe from Islam, NATO is wasting its time and energy by demonizing Russia.)

Sweden, which is not a NATO member, does not share a border with Russia. Even so, imitating NATO, Stockholm announced in March last year that it would reintroduce compulsory military service as early as this summer, seven years after it was abolished.

On Monday, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven and Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf announced the first creation of a Swedish regiment since World War II, located on Gotland in “a clear signal” of Stockholm’s priorities.

“We’re showing that we have military muscles,” Lofven was quoted as saying by the daily Aftonbladet.

He should say and use “military muscles” to the Islamic hordes that have been raping Swedish girls and young women!

The Gatestone Institute has published a reported titled “Sweden: Rape Capital of the West.” There is a number of other reports on such rapes.

Nevertheless, the Swedish government has issued no “be prepared for war” pamphlet to every home in Sweden on the rape crisis.

In fact, you cannot mention in Sweden that there is an Islamic threat, for you are threatened with jail. You cannot mention that Swedish girls and young women are being much more than threatened by Muslims: They are being raped, in an unprecedent scale, by Muslims. If you mention the terrible plight of girls and young women, you are censored and threatened by the government and media. You are labeled a racist.

Even though Russia is not raping Swedish girls and young women and is not posing the real threat Muslims are already posing to Sweden, the Swedish government and media grant abundant free speech for people to denounce the Russian “threat.” But they grant no such free speech to denounce Islamic rapists, who have virtually monopoly on rapes in Sweden.

Has Russia become a scapegoat? Muslims are directly endangering Swedish girls and young women, but is the “real” threat Russia? Have the Swedish government and media been hit with some sort of mental illness and delusion?

The issue is not “If Crisis or War Comes.” Crisis has already come. Or are not the massive rapes of Swedish girls and young women a crisis? Or being the Rape Capital of the West is not a crisis?

The issue is not if there is a threat of invasion. Sweden has already been invaded but, instead worrying about this real invasion, Sweden is worried about a delusional invasion.

It seems a joke, but it is not. While thousands of Swedish girls and young women are being raped in Swedish soil by Islamic invaders, the Swedish government and media are creating its own fantasy to worry about. Is reality a nightmare too frightening for them to apply their worries? As the ostrich, they prefer to bury their heads in the sand and think about Russia than facing the brutal reality of Islamic rapists who have already invaded their nation?

Let us compare the hypothesis of a Russian invasion with a real Islamic invasion in Sweden:

Islamic invasion:

* While Muslim invaders have not accomplished a total invasion, Sweden is the European capital of rapes. When Muslims accomplish a total invasion, Sweden will be the world capital of rapes.

* Christianity in all its forms will be banned by the Islamic law and Christians will be punished with death.

* Feminism and homosexuality will be banned and punished by death. Beautiful blonde girls and young women will be mere sexual maidservants and they will be systematically raped in Islamic harems.

The “threat” of a Russian invasion:

* If conservative Russia hypothetically invades Sweden, Swedish families will no longer be censored and punished for defending their girls and women against Islamic rapists.

* Gender ideology, the homosexual agenda and the feminist agenda will be defeated, with no one being killed as a punishment. Homosexual propaganda to children and adolescents will be banned, just as it is banned in Russia. Even without such invasion, Russia has condemned a Swedish show for kids that uses characters clothed in costumes of sexual organs.

* Christians will not be killed.

* The major problem would be that Russia would restrict the Lutheran Church, which is the traditional church in Sweden, and replace it with its own Christian church, the Orthodox Christian Church. Even though I would prefer the Lutheran Church, let us get the facts: The Swedish Lutheran Church, which has been abandoned by the Swedish people, has embraced feminist and homosexual ministers and has been cowardly in his responsibility to denounce the Islamic invasion in Sweden. So a hypothetical Russian invasion could greatly help Sweden to resist the Islamic invasion.

If the effeminate Swedish government and the effeminate Lutheran Church were concerned about the well-being of the Swedish people, they would be warning against the Islamic invasion and arming, with real weapons and information, their women against Islamic invaders, instead burying their heads in the sand to occupy themselves with an imaginary Russian invasion.

Interestingly, the pamphlet “If Crisis or War Comes” says, “If Sweden is attacked, resistance is required.” Sweden has been already attacked, but there has been no resistance against Islamic rapists that have been attacking Swedish girls and women.

A non-effeminate Sweden would ban Islamic immigration, harshly punish Muslims for the epidemic of rapes and deport all Muslims at the least violation.

So the Swedish people should not buy the “ostrich” propaganda that conservative Russia wants to invade liberal Sweden. They should pressure their cowardly liberal government and media to target Muslims rapists who already invaded Sweden. Or, as far Islamic invaders are concerned, have the Swedish people become more effeminate than their government?

With information from the DailyMail.

Portuguese version of this article: Governo sueco distribui panfleto “esteja preparado para a guerra” para todas as casas da Suécia

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