Supreme Court to Rule on Obamacare Abortion Mandate, Presidential Power, More

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By Rebekah Maxwell

It’s the busy season at the Supreme Court. In the next two weeks, they will decide on 17 cases they’ve considered for months, including whether you have free speech outside an abortion clinic, whether or not the police can search your cell phone without a warrant, and whether states can force you into a union.

The most-watched case is Hobby Lobby suit against Obamacare for forcing them to buy birth control/abortion coverage for their business. Will a Court that has already held that the government can force you personally and your business to buy an insurance policy (and fine you if you don’t), rule that conscience and conviction must be protected from their own imposed mandate? Well, if you believe like the Cathy family, then you’re hoping for a miracle, but ready with a back-up plan. My prediction: the Court won’t rule against their own precedent. But their ruling will determine one thing– how soon, and how civilly, we will be required to disobey.

The Court will also decide whether or not it will be a check on the President’s power, when it comes to recess appointments. The case (National Labor Relations Board v. Noel Canning) deals with Obama’s actions in January, when he declared that the Senate was in recess so he could appoint officials without debate or challenge. Will the Court remember its Constitutional purpose and help limit the growth of executive power? Or will they be unwilling to rule against the President’s obvious overreach? If the latter, then they would make official what their actions have often made visible: that the separation of powers, and subsequent protection for the people no longer exists.

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