Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Obamacare Contraceptive Mandate

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The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a number of cases about the abortion drug and device mandate, contraceptive mandate, under Obamacare. Some of these cases involve Little Sisters of the Poor and others involve, a number of colleges that are Christian, non-profit organizations and others. There’s a wide variety of cases that have been accepted for review.

Briefing will soon be presented to the court and then in 2016 oral argument will conducted with a decision expected no later than the end of June 2016.

Mat Staver: Matt, it was inevitable that the Supreme Court would accept one of these cases I would think, because there have been so many challenges out there to these cases. And there’s been courts of appeal that have gone both ways. The majority have struck down the Obamacare abortion mandate, but some have actually upheld it.

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So there was a conflict among the Circuits, and that’s one of the things that the Supreme Court typically does, is weigh in sometimes to resolve the conflicts in the Circuits, and they were certainly there. But this is going to be a big situation, frankly I think, if the Supreme Court goes the wrong way, and I have no idea which way it will go, I believe that there will be resistance to that decision. I don’t think for a moment that Little Sisters of the Poor will ultimately provide abortion-inducing drugs or contraception that collides with their religious beliefs…

Matt Barber:  Well, the justices will actually take up seven cases, Mat, including the mandate, the one from the Catholic group, Little Sisters of the Poor. And their ruling, as we know could deliver a major blow to the health care law contentious provision including a mandate that employers, even religious employers, provide birth control, even though,  for instance, Little Sisters of the Poor, the Catholic church, a central doctrine of the Catholic church is opposed to any birth control of any kind.

Also abortifacients…let’s be honest here. The mandate mandates abortion. And that is clearly unconstitutional to try to force people to be implicit in mass murder….

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