Sunday Was National Day to Remember Americans Killed by illegal Aliens

During the 2016 presidential campaigns, Donald Trump characterized illegal aliens as being criminals.

Democrats and the lamestream media blasted him for his comment, calling him racist and a bigot.

While Democrats want to welcome and embrace every illegal alien (solely because they see them as potential voters.

Yet, there have been far too many Americans that have been beaten, stabbed, robbed, sexually assaulted, raped and murdered by illegal aliens.

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Over the years, I’ve written about a number of them including Kathleen Steinle, a store clerk that lived around the corner from where I used to live and retired civilian military employee, among others.

Breitbart – Each year since 2011, on the first Sunday of November, The Remembrance Project and other patriotic grassroots groups across America have observed their own National Day of Remembrance for Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens.

This year, it falls on Sunday, November 4. (Click here to see place and time for our Washington, DC, 2018 memorial.) But as hard as we tried, the media would give us little or no coverage, instead choosing to focus massive amounts of biased footage and news coverage sympathetic to the plight of illegal aliens, falsely characterizing illegals as people like us, “just wanting a better life.” But there is an insidious twist to their lies. It’s all happening at our expense!

Since 2009, The Remembrance Project has honored and remembered Americans killed by illegal aliens through our Stolen Lives Quilt by touring the country, in sponsoring many live events, and, most recently, through almost-daily appearances in television or radio interviews.  While there are no reliable statistics on illegal alien killings of Americans, there are thousands of real stories of real Americans killed, documented in police reports, the Internet, nightly television news, and on our Stolen Lives Quilt:…

When Obama was in the White House, Democrats loved it when he paraded people in front of the public that were somehow victims of things done by Republicans.

President Trump could fill a football stadium with the family members of all of the Americans that had been victimized by the very illegal aliens that Democrats continue to defend.

Can you imagine the impact such an event would have, with thousands of Americans standing up as victims or the family of victims of criminal illegal aliens?

It would undoubtedly lead to the full funding of building the border wall and increasing border security.



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