Study Challenges Homophobia-Suicide Link

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Conflict in romantic relationships is a greater reason “gays” commit suicide than family rejection, according to a study published by the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention.

As quoted by LifeSiteNews, study leader Dr. Delany Skerrett said, “We tend to assume that the psychological distress LGBTI people are often going through is due to family rejection. But it seems that’s not so much the case. The conflict seems to be largely related to relationship problems, with partners.”

Many homosexuals attribute the higher rates of mental illness among gays to “homophobia,” including both family rejection and rejection from the society as a whole.

The study found greater conflict in LGBT relationships than in heterosexual relationships.  According to LifeSite News, that observation “confirms previous studies finding that homosexuals also face higher rates of intimate partner violence than heterosexuals. A 2007 study in the Journal of Urban Health, which is published by the New York Academy of Medicine, found that 32 percent of homosexuals have been abused by at least one partner during their lifetime.”

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Gays are also more likely than the general population to commit suicide because of depression. According to LifeSiteNews,

The researchers with AISRAP also found that a higher percentage of homosexuals took their lives of despondency, rather than other psychological illnesses. While one-eighth of all Queensland suicide victims had been diagnosed with a psychosis that impaired their judgment, Skerrett reports “there were no such diagnoses among LGBT individuals.” The conclusion adds to the consensus that depression disproportionately besets active homosexuals.

Peter Sprigg, senior fellow for policy studies at the Family Research Council, told LifeSiteNews that the study adds to the evidence that the causes of suicide and depression in the homosexual community are more complex than gay activists admit.

“Pro-homosexual activists have long given a single explanation for the high rates of physical and mental health problems among those who engage in homosexual relationships – they blame it on ‘homophobia,’ the ‘stigma’ which they suffer at the hands of society, and the ‘rejection’ they suffer from family members who disapprove of such conduct,” Sprigg said. “One recent example is Matthew Vines, author of a new book God and the Gay Christian, who alleges that for some ‘gay Christians,’ the call to abstain from homosexual conduct ‘fuels despair to the point of suicide.’”

“Scientific research, however, has never supported this one-size-fits-all explanation for the serious pathologies experienced by homosexuals,” he said.

To read the entire LifeSiteNews report, click here.

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