Students Walkout as Politicians Turn Vigil for Shooting Victims into Anti-Gun Rally

Over the past decade, Democrats have often displayed that they really don’t care about nor are they concerned about the American people.

After all, they have no qualm about spending $165 billion a year giving illegal aliens more benefits than they give the American people.

Instead of taking measures to protect the country and the people, they call for open borders, allowing every foreign criminal, drug dealer and terrorist into the country, just so they can have more votes.

In their latest display of insensitivity, politicians took advantage of a vigil being held for the students at STEM School Highlands Ranch and began pushing their anti-gun agenda, leading to many students walking out on the politicians.

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The Mental Recession – STEM Students Walk Out When Liberals Turn Candlelight Vigil Into Anti-Gun Event – Students at STEM School Highlands Ranch, site of a school shooting that killed 18-year-old Kendrick Castillo and wounded eight others, stormed out of a candlelight vigil when lawmakers turned the somber moment into a political event.

According to Fox-31 Denver, students walked out shortly after Senator Michael Bennet and Representative Jason Crow – both Democrats – spoke.

The students began chanting “mental health” after leaving, a clear indication that they think improving mental health is the greater key to ending school shootings. Particularly this one, as the suspect has been reported to be a transgender male who also suffered from depression.

Really Sad

“It was really sad,” one parent told KDVR. “All those kids wanted was to be heard as part of the grieving process and I think they had that right. I don’t think it should have been turned into something political about gun control.” …

It was obvious to the students that the Democratic politicians at the vigil didn’t really care about them or those who were wounded or killed.

All the politicians cared about was their socialist agenda and the students could not stomach the insensitivity of the politicians.

Of course, Democrats do the same thing after every mass or school shooting.



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