These Students Got Jail Time for Spreading the Pro-Life Message

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A pro-life legal defense group appeared in federal court arguing that a Jackson, Miss., public school district violated the constitutional rights of several members of a campus anti-abortion group.

Life Legal Defense Foundation Senior Staff Attorney, Allison K. Aranda is making a case for two pro-life student activists, who were arrested after handing out pro-life materials outside their high school.

Kristina Garza and Brianna Baxter were part of Survivors, an organization that seeks to spread the pro-life message on school campuses. Garza and Baxter were passing out pro-life materials outside Murah High School in 2012 when they were accused of being disruptive and arrested.

The Jackson Public School District (JPSD) claimed they were hanging from school buses and disrupting the learning environment.

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However, video, photos, and eyewitness testimony from students show that the two women engaged in peaceful free speech activities.

Aranda said Baxter and Garza did not violate the law but said they were intimidated to stop sharing the message, a blatant violation of their freedom of speech.

“As a matter of constitutional law, citizens have a right to engage in free speech on a public sidewalk,” Aranda told the judge. “The law is clear. Students and the public have the right to engage in peaceful, non-disruptive free speech on the public sidewalk adjacent to schools.”

“The real culprits here are the JPSD officials who intimidated and threatened Ms. Garza and Ms. Baxter and violated their constitutional rights,” she said.

“The officers used their hands and arms as human barricades in an attempt to keep the (survivors) from handing out their material,” said Campus Enforcement Sgt. Dunson in his police report.

The students sued the school district and finally appeared before a judge earlier this week.

The judge is expected to rule on the motion in the next several weeks.

Report via CBN News

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