Student Group Winning Free Speech Victories on College Campuses

Over the past decade, mainly with the rise of Democratic socialists, many individuals and organizations have been trampling on the constitutional rights of conservatives and Christians.

A number of colleges and universities are guilty as they have tried to systematically silence all free speech from conservatives and Christians.

In light of several law suits, some institutions of higher (or lower) education created free speech zones which usually was a small square located on some not well traveled section of campus and even then, a student still needed to get permission from the school leadership who is trying to silence them.

Young Americans for Liberty is a student group who has been working hard to restore the First Amendment right of free speech on college campuses and they are claiming to have 50 such victories in 2018.

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Washington Examiner – Young Americans for Liberty scores 50 pro-free speech policy changes on campuses across the country – Young Americans for Liberty, a national student group committed to the ideas of liberty, has hit an impressive benchmark to round out 2018 — policy changes at 50 different colleges and universities across the country, all with the intent to better protect free speech rights on campus.

“Most cases have been filed against public colleges/universities that have egregious restrictions against the First Amendment — policies that are typically reformed are ‘time, place, and manner’ restrictions and ‘free speech zones,’” said Kelsey Carroll, YAL’s digital media director.

These 50 policy changes have already made a direct impact on 982,081 students, and will continue to impact incoming students for years to come.

YAL’s National Fight for Free Speech campaign targets unconstitutional policies that campus administrators use to justify shutting down YAL students and speakers…

As part of the groups defense in their fight for free speech on college campuses is pointing out groups like those that followed Bernie Sanders.

Those groups speaking out for Sanders’ socialism rarely were stopped, but when someone spoke out against Sanders or Hillary Clinton or in support of Donald Trump, they were often quickly stopped and accused of violating school policy.

Back when I attended a major university, I was warned by more than one professor to shut up or be removed from their classes, just for questioning the many fallacies of evolution. Even though colleges and universities claim to promote free thinking, that freedom only applies to those who hold to the school’s or professor’s philosophies.



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