Stop Saying Same-Sex Marriage is the ‘Law of the Land’

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By Monte Kuligowski

Recently, Donald Trump was asked if the Kentucky clerk of Rowan County, Kim Davis, should issue same-sex marriage licenses. The Donald responded, “It’s the law of the land.”

The purpose of this piece is to assist the Republican candidates in seeing that there are better options than agreeing with the left on this sea change issue.

Ever notice that radical leftists never say, “It’s the law of the land” when speaking of a national law they fundamentally disagree with?

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Barack Obama and the Defense of Marriage Act is a glaring example.  DOMA was the law of the land, but Mr. Obama’s Justice Department refused to enforce the law, and the Department was the only agency responsible for its enforcement.

Curiously, the establishment press didn’t draw attention to Obama’s blatant dereliction of duty over DOMA.  The press did not assert that the Justice Department was in “rebellion” and the executive branch had a “duty” to execute “the law of the land” and “get over it.”

When President Obama was asked about his non-enforcement of DOMA, his response was that he believed that it was “unconstitutional.”  Well, do you think he had any role in it being declared unconstitutional by the Court in 2013?  As Obama was refusing for years to uphold the will of the people as expressed by bipartisan congressional law, public opinion was changing commensurately.  The media were on a nonstop pro-same-sex marriage propaganda campaign.  Certain states were changing the definition of marriage.  Homosexual couples were marrying, and Obama was golfing. All was well in Obamaland.

This piece could be filled with examples of President Obama’s refusal to uphold the laws of the land (and even to obey direct federal court orders to his administration), but space doesn’t permit.

Let’s turn to some alternative responses conservatives can have to the question of whether Kim Davis should issue same-sex marriage licenses – instead of agreeing with the hard left that it’s now the law of the land…

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