State Secretary of State Resigns Over Election Controversy

In virtually every state in the land, the Secretary of State oversees all elections and ballot counting.

So, what happens when the Secretary of State is running for another office that the results are close?

If the opponent is a Democrat, they, and their fellow Democrats contest the election results because of the Secretary of State is a Republican.

Such is the case in Georgia where Secretary of State Brian Kemp ran against Democrat Stacey Abrams for the governor’s seat.

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When all of the precincts reported, Kemp had a 50.3% lead over Abrams’ 48.7% of the vote.

As a result of the controversy, Kemp resigned from his position as Secretary of State and Democrats are hoping for a runoff election next month.

Fox News –  Georgia’s gubernatorial election fight appears to be far from over, with Democrat Stacey Abrams’ campaign digging in and predicting a runoff even as Republican candidate Brian Kemp declares victory and resigns from his post as secretary of state.

Kemp resigned as secretary of state Thursday morning in federal court. Russ Willard, a lawyer with the attorney general’s office, said Kemp will not perform any election-related duties. An interim secretary will oversee the rest of the vote counting.

His resignation came ahead of a hearing Thursday for a lawsuit brought against Kemp by five Georgia voters, who urged that Kemp be barred from exercising duties as the state’s chief elections officer during the vote count. The Abrams campaign also has accused Kemp of using his role as secretary of state to influence the process.

According to the Associated Press vote totals with all precincts reporting, Kemp has 1,972,952 votes to Abrams’ 1,909,730 –giving him 50.3 percent to her 48.7 percent…

In Georgia, a candidate has to have at least 50% of the vote or there is a runoff election.

If by some means, enough votes counted for Kemp were disqualified or counted in error, it could drop Kemp to just below the 50% figure and thus force a runoff election.

A decent politician would realize the cost of a runoff election and that their opponent won with over 50% of the vote, but that is what a decent politician who really cares about the people and state would do

No one is saying that Abrams fits that description.


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