Standing Together on Moral Values Can Make a Difference

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People can make a difference, particularly those of us who stand together on Christian and moral values. Just take, for example, Target plummeting in stock value, and Chick-fil-A in New York where there are long lines of people wanting to get in to buy Chick-fil-A [chicken!].

Mat Staver: You know, Target was not doing really good, financially. And then they stepped ino this bee’s nest by promoting this so-called “transgender policy” that boys could use, and men could use women’s facilities. And they thought they could just get away with it, and they could just ride this liberal trend. And people pushed back. And now lots and lots of people have signed this petition and Target’s stock value, which is amazing, has gone by some estimates $4 -$6 BILLION (with a “B”) just in the last 30 days.

Holly Meade: It’s gotta be getting their attention. But I…so proud to see Christians come out in droves, whether it’s boycotting something that’s very much against godly principles or “buycotting” with Chick-fil-A and coming out in droves and long lines and supporting these businesses that stand for traditional marriage…

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