Spotify Intrudes Privacy to Subscribers

Today’s world is filled with people who have no morals or values and who abuse paid electronic subscriptions by allowing others to use their subscription.

One cannot fault companies for trying to find ways to stop the illegal sharing of paid electronic subscriptions.

However, does that give any company to issue threats to all paid subscribers that includes an invasion of privacy?

That’s exactly what Spotify did with their Premium for Family plans.

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They sent emails to all subscribers, demanding the verify their locations via GPS or risk losing access to the paid music streaming service.

Spotify ended the policy after only a short time, without giving cause, but some believe they may have received too much backlash.

(Tech Crunch) – Spotify has ended a test that required its family plan subscribers to verify their location, or risk losing accessing to its music streaming service. According to recent reports, the company sent out emails to its “Premium for Family” customers that asked them to confirm their locations using GPS. The idea here is that some customers may have been sharing Family Plans, even though they’re not related, as a means of paying less for Spotify by splitting the plan’s support for multiple users. And Spotify wanted to bust them.

Spiegel Online and Quartz first reported this news on Thursday.

Of course, as these reports pointed out, asking users to confirm a GPS location is a poor means of verification. Families often have members who live or work outside the home — they may live abroad, have divorced or separated parents, have kids in college, travel for work or any other number of reasons.

But technically, these sorts of situations are prohibited by Spotify’s family plan terms — the rules require all members to share a physical address. That rule hadn’t really been as strictly enforced before, so many didn’t realize they had broken it when they added members who don’t live at home…

The frightening part of today’s tech world is that so many devices have GPS that allows anyone to track your location.

Many of the programs and apps people use also have tracking that monitors what you do online, what you shop for, where you shop for it and more.

Then they inundate you with ads that are so annoying and unending.

We are steadily sacrificing our privacy for the sake of electronic convenience.

That’s why one of the first things I did with my phone and tablet is to turn off the GPS and whenever I get a message wanting my location, I ignore it.



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