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Do you know why we keep losing the many battles we find ourselves in, be it the culture wars or the battle for truth or what have you? A good part of the reason is the spineless wonders who claim to be on the Lord’s side. They are actually a bunch of woosies and weenies who don’t seem to know the first thing about warfare, battle, and actually showing a bit of backbone.

They will utterly collapse in a heap – and chew you out like mad – if you even dare to use words like “spineless wonder”. The world is going to hell, souls are being swept away into a lost eternity, society has become an open sewer, and all these pansy Christians can do is whine about someone using the word “spineless wonder”!

Well guess what: they are spineless wonders. If the only thing that is going to stir them up is a mildly strong bit of language, while the whole world is sliding into the abyss, then no wonder we are losing. These little precious ‘girlie men’ as Schwarzenegger put it, are losing the war all by themselves.

They will not lift a finger or say a word about all the evil exploding all around us, but they will come out of hibernation to write you a message when you dare to use a bit of forceful language. Well, to be honest, I have had a gutful of these delicate little flowers.

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They are usually doing nothing for the Kingdom, but are happy to waste time blasting those who are. In my books they are nothing but Pharisees. And I get this happening all the time. These little girlie men will blow a moral gasket over a colorfully-worded expression, but will do nothing to save the unborn from the slaughter, etc.

Folks like this are the reason why the various secular left militants are winning one battle after another. These invertebrate pansies could not be bothered over the destruction of marriage, or the war against the family, but they will get all wound up – in true Pharisee fashion – over words that are a bit stronger than cotton wool.

Consider the latest example of this which just appeared elsewhere. This little delicate flower really was offended by my words, and took the time to make a stink about it:

“cowardly, compromised and carnal Christians” “their cowardice and betrayal” “compromised and spineless wonders” Harsh and a little Judgemental and not very loving…

To which the only obvious reply I could give was this:

“white-washed tombs” “you hypocrites!” “you brood of vipers” “you snakes!” Harsh and a little Judgemental and not very loving…

These foolish Pharisees really think they can be more loving than Jesus. Indeed, if Jesus walked the earth today, these same spineless wonders would be rebuking him, insisting that it is unloving and judgmental to talk this way! They actually think they are more Christlike than Christ!

As I have written elsewhere, Jesus was constantly using less than flattering language. He was time and time again using very strong, very harsh, very coarse, and very critical language. He simply did not hold back here. I recently did a count and found at least 65 occasions in the four gospels alone where Jesus let ’em have it, dishing out very strong words of rebuke, of judgment, of chastisement.

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It did not bother Jesus in the least to use such harsh and forceful language. Yet we have so many weenie Christians today who will faint if they hear this kind of talk. Puh-leeese, spare me. Away with these babies who are such weak, effeminate and worthless warriors for the Kingdom.

Give me men who will tell it like it is – just like Jesus did, or Paul, or so many other great saints. Away with the woosie babies who think they are so spiritual when they are really just cowardly dandelions who need to get their act together.

We are in a war. It is time some real men came to the fore, instead of all these delicate pansies who would likely jump at the sight of their own shadow. We will get nowhere with such cry babies. We desperately need warriors now, not wimps.

As I have often pointed out before, it is most interesting to see who tops the list of those who will receive the judgment of God as recorded in Revelation 21:8: the cowardly. We don’t need cowards at this important time in history – we need men and women of steel who will stand strong and resist the enemy while advancing the Kingdom.

And if we could just get believers to stop majoring in minors and concentrate on the real issues at hand, we would be making a whole lot more progress here. A bit of backbone would certainly do the church wonders. As Leonard Ravenhill put it: “It’s going to demand a lot of courage before too long— to really live and maintain the true Christian life according to the Word of the Living God.”

Or as Tozer pleaded: “It is true that the church has suffered from pugnacious men, but she has suffered more from timid preachers who would rather be nice than right. The latter have done more harm if for no other reason than that there are so many more of them. I do not think, however, that we must make our choice between the two. It is altogether possible to have true love and courage at the same time.”

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Bill Muehlenberg
Bill Muehlenberg, who was born in America, lives in Melbourne, Australia. He runs a web-based ministry of pro-faith, pro-family activism called CultureWatch: Bill is widely sought out by the media for comments on social issues, faith issues, and family issues, and has appeared on all the major television and radio news shows, current affairs shows, and debate programs. He is the author of In Defence of the Family; Strained Relations: The Challenge of Homosexuality, and several other books.

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