The Sovereign God of Election 2016 is Not Happy With America

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The sovereignty of God is a little discussed topic in today’s world. In fact even admitting His existence is becoming a rare topic. We march through our everyday lives distracted by our devices, busy trying to make ends meet, hustling, trying to complete  our to-do lists with such fervor that we often forget the hand of God moving around us.

Yes, He is still in control.

Yes, He still cares about you.

Yes, He longs to hear from you.

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Our senses are bombarded daily in this digital world. There is always something that commands our attention. We seldom take the time to actually reflect on the fact that “This is the day that the Lord has made” and God’s loving commandment to ” …rejoice and be glad in it.”

With that said, restful sleep has been difficult to find lately. Our nation has come under withering attack from the powers of darkness, and there seems to be no reprieve. Day after day we descend closer to the edge of the abyss. The very foundation of our Republic hangs by a thread. This election cycle America truly teeters on the brink of collapse- a tipping point leading to a fall from which we may never recover.

Contrary to the narrative pushed by the liberal media, scampering from topic to topic in our twenty-four-hour news cycle and circus-like atmosphere surrounding the Presidential race, it is not the eventual President who will push us over the edge, not directly. The Next POTUS will appoint as many as three Justices to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is the third arm of our Governmental structure and the one with whom our nations destiny truly lies. A progressive leaning Supreme Court will have the effect of eviscerating the Constitution , stripping us of free speech and religious freedoms, our right to bear arms, and our protections against unlawful search and seizure almost immediately. The Supreme court decision regarding Roe v Wade has resulted in 55 Million murdered children since 1973.There are no term limits for “SCOTUS” appointees. Once appointed, a Justice could manipulate Constitutional interpretations for 50 years. Our actions have consequences.

Great judges have been appointed by God over time. Samson, Deborah, Samuel, and in modern times John Marshall, Antonin Scalia and others. Scalia. in many ways. was the bulwark holding back the flood of liberalism in US law.

Is there another Scalia in America? Is there a President who would select him? Men have risen and men have fallen. Women have risen and fallen, but there seems to be none righteous in all the land. We, as flawed human beings, do our best to choose our leaders. Failing miserably. Are we bound for judgement, or are we bound for mercy? Are we about to launch ourselves into the abyss of moral decay, or are we poised for a moral revival, a return to repentance, holiness, and faith?

2 Chronicles 7:14:  If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

We know not what God will do, we know not whom he has chosen, but he has chosen. He requires obedience from His people, and He will get it. When the Spirit of the Lord came upon Samson he slew thousands that worshiped deities other than Jehovah. When Jonah (reluctantly) gave the city of Ninevah a warning of God’s coming judgement, they repented.

Psalm 75 1-10 (KJV)

 Unto thee, O God, do we give thanks, unto thee do we give thanks: for that thy name is near thy wondrous works declare.

When I shall receive the congregation I will judge uprightly.

 The earth and all the inhabitants thereof are dissolved: I bear up the pillars of it. Selah.

 I said unto the fools, Deal not foolishly: and to the wicked, Lift not up the horn:

 Lift not up your horn on high: speak not with a stiff neck.

 For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south.

 But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another.

 For in the hand of the Lord there is a cup, and the wine is red; it is full of mixture; and he poureth out of the same: but the dregs thereof, all the wicked of the earth shall wring them out, and drink them.

 But I will declare for ever; I will sing praises to the God of Jacob.

 All the horns of the wicked also will I cut off; but the horns of the righteous shall be exalted.

There is no doubt that we are a Nation that deserves the wrath of God. What we are today is all but unrecognizable from that established by our Founders, via divine instruction.

Does America stand in a place of humbly begging for mercy, or are we stiff-necked and on a collision course with a vengeful God?

The answer does not lie in the ballot box, but in the prayer closet.

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Chris Mills
Chris Mills is the Founder and Editor in Chief at ChristianConservatives.Net . Mr. Mills was formerly Senior Editor here at Chris has also been published at Townhall, iPatriot and

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