Southern Poverty Law Center Sued Over Hate Group Designation

The Southern Poverty Law Center was established in 1971, supposedly to defend the civil rights of people and organizations.

However, over the past decade, the Southern Poverty Law Center became a far-left hate group that declared a legal hate war against conservatives, Christians and others that they didn’t adhere to their leftist ideologies.

They labeled Christian organizations like Coral Ridge Ministries and the Family Research Council as hate groups.

Lately, they also designated the Center for Immigration Studies as a hate group, prompting CIS to file a lawsuit against the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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The Washington Standard – Center For Immigration Studies Sues Southern Poverty Law Center Over False “Hate Group” Designation – Kudos to Mark Krikorian and the Center for Immigration Studies for doing this. I wish them all success. If I can ever find a lawyer willing to do it, which has proven so far to be harder than I thought it would be, I will sue the SPLC myself. Their “hate group” designation for me and Jihad Watch is as defamatory as it is for the CIS, and has resulted in donations to Jihad Watch not being accepted by MasterCard and Visa, and in my being dropped from Patreon and GoFundMe. It has also resulted in my being shadowbanned on Twitter and Facebook, and routinely vilified in the establishment media.

The idea that opposing jihad mass murder and Sharia oppression of women, non-Muslims and others is “hate” is absurd, and the fact that so many people take it for granted is testimony to the deep pockets of the SPLC and the power of propaganda.

I’ll challenge them on it legally as soon as I possibly can, although of course the SPLC and I are in a race: will they get me completely deplatformed and completely silenced before I am able to challenge their smears in court?

We shall see.

“Southern Poverty Law Center Slapped with Racketeering Suit Over ‘False Hate Group Designation,’” by Matt Naham, Law & Crime, January 16, 2019:…

During Obama’s illegal occupation of the White House, the Army utilized the Southern Poverty Law Center to help form part of their policy as to who they should avoid enlisting for military service, along with keeping watch on the SPLC designated hate groups.

The mainstream media still uses the hate groups list compiled by the SPLC, to target and give negative reporting on.

Some Democratic politicians have also used the SPLC hate group designations to discriminate against some conservative and Christian groups.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is nothing more than an anti-American, anti-Christian and anti-conservative subversive hate group that should be legally banned for their overt discrimination.



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