South Korea Blindly Moves Forward Towards Opening Up to North Korea

For more than 60 years, the Korean peninsula has been divided with a free Korea in the south and the oppressed communist Korea in the north.

The demilitarized Zone that has long divided the two Koreas, has been declared one of the most dangerous places on earth, due to the aggressive hostility between the two nations.

All that appeared to suddenly change when North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un shocked the world and made a gesture of peace with South Korea and the United States.

Many skeptics warned the US and South Korea to tread lightly because North Korea has proven time and again that they cannot be trusted in these kinds of affairs.

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While the relationship with the United States has cooled, South Korean officials blindly march on towards open relations with North Korea, with the groundbreaking of a north-south railroad.

Fortune – North and South Korea Hope to Leave Hostility Behind With a New Railroad Linking the Peninsula – North and South Korean officials took part in a ceremonial groundbreaking Wednesday, signing a wooden railroad tie and linking the tracks of what the nations hope will one day be a train system to bring prosperity to Northeast Asia.

However, the railway will not become a reality if U.S.-led sanctions against North Korea persist. Officials had to obtain United Nations approval just to hold Wednesday’s ceremony since it required transporting vehicles across the border to the North Korean border town of Kaesong.

U.S. President Donald Trump signed a peace pledge with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un last summer, where Kim promised to “work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula,” but details of the agreement were vague, and actual moves towards denuclearization seem to have stalled…

Based on North Korea’s track record, including that of Kim Jong-un, all of this peace gesture could easily be a ploy on his part to gain control of South Korea.

Kim as expressed his desire to reunify the Korean peninsula, but he has not explained who would rule a unified Korea.

Chances are, Kim plans on ruling a unified Korea and this north-south railroad could be playing right into his plans.



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